The real reason your business isn’t working and you’re pulling your hair out is…

  • Not that you need to find more clients.
  • Not that you need to be doing more marketing.
  • Not that you need to build a new website.
  • Not that you need to be networking more.

The real reason your business isn’t working is…

Your business depends on you!

Your business depends on you for all the decision-making; leaving you no time to really think about taking it to the next level. You find yourself daily having to put out fires about staffing, about strategy, about customer service, about absolutely everything.

Your business depends on you for the majority of the delivery of your programs, products or services!  Again leaving you no bandwidth or brain power left to guide your business to the next level of success.

When your business depends on YOU, it isn’t working to give you the freedom that you originally thought you would have from your business.  Instead, your business is running you! And it’s running you into the ground.

So what’s the alternative, you ask?

It’s simple … you have to start running your business.

You have to build a business that doesn’t need your daily input 24/7.

You have to be intentional about what freedom means to you and build a business that delivers that to you!

It’s what I call a ‘well-oiled business machine’. Sadly, it’s what most business founders don’t have.

Episode #104 of the Work Less PROFIT More business podcast is all about explaining the essence of a ‘well-oiled business machine’ and what your life could look like!

A well-oiled business machine = freedom! Listen to the episode here.


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