For many years, I told myself that I wasn’t good at having sales conversations.

So guess what happened – I wasn’t good at them!

I became proficient at having sales conversations and converting prospects into customers when a couple of things happened:

  1. I started believing and confidently positioning myself as the solution to my prospects’ most expensive problem! (Notice 2 words – believing, confidently).
  1. I knew the transformation that my Dream Client desired! Transformation is key here and knowing where my dream client was stuck and where they wanted to go was key to increasing my sales conversion number. In one sentence, can you explain your dream client’s transformation?

But let’s talk about SALES… and in particular sales conversations!

Does that make you feel uncomfortable? Well if it does, you aren’t alone. Booking, and having sales conversations often make business owners uncomfortable. However, if you can’t convert your leads or prospects into actual sales…well my friends, you don’t have a business!

There is both an art and a science to having sales conversations that actually convert!

In this week’s podcast episode of Work Less PROFIT More, Samantha Varner and I discuss how a great sales conversation is no different than making a restaurant recommendation (and a little art and a little science). Listen here!


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