While it’s true that knowing what to sell and how to sell it are essential to having a profitable business – what’s more important is knowing how to price your offering!

It’s not uncommon for business owners, myself included, to miss the importance of spending time pricing their offerings for profit!  Pricing and talking about money is one of the most uncomfortable conversations people have (often they would rather talk about sex, or even death before talking about money).

But you can’t have a SUSTAINABLE profitable business without talking about money and pricing.

So how do you price for profit?

Truthfully, that’s not an easy question to answer!

Pricing challenges for most business owners are rooted in two issues:

  1. Our own relationship with money.
  2. Understanding the value we provide.

When I reflect on the problem business owners have with pricing, it prompted me to review concepts I shared back in 2018 at my own conference, SHIFT – The Money Event, where we dove deep into our relationship with money and how this relationship impacts our ability to price our services.

So that’s why in this week’s podcast episode 107 of Work Less PROFIT More Business podcast, I take you back to those concepts! They help us put pricing into perspective and give us permission to make pricing mistakes and then take a leap to price our services 2x, 5x or even 10x our current rates!

YUP – you read that correctly!!! Many of you could 2-10x your rates WITHOUT feeling slimy or like a used car salesman!


Listen here.


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