When I say that this past week was a knockout, I don’t mean it was a knock-it-out-of-the-park week!

I mean it was the flu that knocked me out! Now while this blog isn’t really about me being bedridden, it is about why my business kept functioning.

Yes, I was totally incapacitated. I lost my voice – which makes it really difficult to record podcast episodes! I had brain fog – really difficult to write content or to coach.

And yet… it worked out okay.

Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. I’m super thankful for my awesome team who know me well.
  1. Over the years, we’ve developed procedures for how things should run and how stuff gets done! So while I wasn’t there directing every little nuance, things kept happening!

So what about you and your business?

If you were sidelined for a week, two weeks or more – could your business keep functioning?

If you went on a month-unplugged vacation, what would your business look like when you got back?

If your answers weren’t a resounding “Hell Yes! – everything would be amazing!”, then my friend, Episode #114 of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast is just what the doctor ordered to cure those ills! Listen here.


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