As small business owners, there are a number of ‘traps’ that we can fall into but one of the most common seems to be what I call The Entrepreneurial Trap!

What is the ENTREPRENEUR’s TRAP? It’s a myth that we buy into.

It’s the myth that….

  • I can do this quicker, faster, and better by myself (than if I delegated).
  • I don’t have the budget to delegate/hire.
  • I’m smart – I don’t need help; I can do this by myself.
  • (Secretly – I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t ‘busy’).
  • My business isn’t big enough to delegate.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking hinders our business growth and creates long-term overwhelm and stress.

EFFECTIVE DELEGATION is a skill we must learn if we want growth.

My brother-in-law was telling me this weekend that he is learning Tai Chi.  He mentioned it’s like learning to dance – you learn the moves, practice the moves, and make mistakes but eventually, it becomes second nature. Could learning effective delegation skills be as simple as that?

YES it can! But you have to try. You have to give it a shot. You have to be willing to fail and like dancing, you have to be courageous enough to step on a few toes!

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P.S. Diana didn’t do much reading this week…between hosting her client retreat and a family gathering called Witchmas, there wasn’t much time! What did you read?

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