I can almost hear you saying “Diana, I’m not a CEO so why should this topic interest me?”.

Well, my friend – you are a CEO!

No matter if you’re a business of one (solopreneur) or you lead a team of subcontractors or a team of employees, I’m guessing that you’re the person who has the final say on most things in your business. You have the final say on the marketing, the finance, the operations, the hiring and firing, etc. You’ve created the vision for where the business is heading in the future. You also drafted the game plan for bringing that vision to life!

You are the CEO of your business.

Successful CEOs have one habit in common.

They are in constant search of new and better information. They use the information acquired through reading to inspire, motivate, and lead those around them.

These successful CEOs read – and they read a lot!

Can you guess how many books a week a successful CEO reads? (Listen to this week’s episode to learn specific answers).

A recent survey by Fast Company suggests that the average number of books read by a CEO is 60 books per year, or five books each month!

But how do you know which books to read, especially if you’re just starting this reading journey?

There are so many perspectives to choose from, right?

You can read about business mindset, marketing, or finance.

You can read industry or niche-specific books.

You could read best sellers or unknown books.

Some books are good – others not worth your time (or purchase price).

So in this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More, I’ve shared 4 essential books on the topic of running and growing a sustainable and profitable business.

These are books that are on my bookshelf.

These are books I’ve read multiple times.

These are books I’ve written notes in the margins.

These are books I’ve devoured and recommended time and again.

Listen here! The episode is only 15 minutes and it will save you hours!

Your mission – should you choose to accept it (I’m hearing the music to Mission Impossible) – is to:

  1. Set aside time weekly in your agenda to read.
  2. If you’re a newbie reader, commit to reading at least one business book a month.
  3. What will you give up to read more? (television, trolling thru social media, gaming).


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