YIKES …. we are almost halfway through the year. My clients and I are already planning for Q3. So I thought I would give you a sneak peek into what we actually do during a Business Freedom Planning Day.

It’s quite simple really …

  1. We look in the rearview mirror and evaluate our business in the previous quarter.
  2. Then we prepare for an even more successful upcoming quarter!

Here’s a high-level view of what happens:

Celebrate your successes and achievements because every win, big or small, deserves recognition and is an indication that you’re doing great stuff!

  • What goals did you achieve in the last quarter?
  • What actions/strategies were effective?

Identify and focus on what you want (vision). Life changes and so it often happens that what we want from life and our business must also change! By getting clarity on your vision you’ll have a more focused direction (and more freedom). What do you want more of?  Less of?

  • More Fridays off?
  • Less social media?
  • Spend more time in your zone of genius?
  • Bigger deals/clients?

Address your challenges/roadblocks.  When we can reflect on past challenges, we gather valuable insights on how to move forward including:

  • Were there specific challenges you fell short of?
  • Were there unexpected issues that arose?
  • How did you manage those unexpected issues?
  • What lessons can be learned from your challenges?

Strategize for the upcoming Quarter (Q3) Now that you have a clear understanding of the past quarter, you can focus on what to let go of and what to double down on as well as setting your sights on your upcoming goals.

  • What to focus on for the next quarter?
  • What new strategies or adjustments are needed to achieve your next quarter goals?
  • How will you tackle roadblocks based on your insights from the previous quarter?

I’d love to support you in achieving your future goals… And that’s why each quarter I host a Business Freedom Planning Day where you:

  • Get clarity on your vision which acts as your decision-making filter.
  • Pace yourself with your 30-60-90 day plans so you have the bandwidth for life.
  • Get laser coaching with Diana and get your questions answered.
  • Learn design strategies to actually achieve your 90-day goals.
  • Break your goals into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals so you know exactly what to focus on.
  • Gain confidence in your leadership skills because you have a clear direction for yourself and your team!

So …. give yourself the gift of strategic planning —  June 17th (virtual).

And here’s my gift to use – use SAVE100 coupon when you save your seat at the Q3 Business Freedom Planning Day here.

You can achieve those goals without the hustle!

P.S. What do a luxury sales rep, a fashion entrepreneur, a tech sales rep, a cold calling expert and a real estate investor have in common?  Find out in this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast, when I chat with Shadgie Jean of Sage Investments.

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