Yup – it’s been a week since our furniture and boxes arrived at the farm. And what a whirlwind week it’s been! And sooo many boxes to unpack. But there have been lots of other things happening too!

One day my husband went out for the afternoon and came home with a 1954 tractor – his excuse, “I need it!”.  Well, there are things we all need to keep operations moving along (hahaha).

Then Friday afternoon, while mowing the lawn, I ran over my cellphone!!  It didn’t survive the fall. Good news – my new iPhone arrived 4 days earlier than expected (great customer service Apple!).

Through all of this, there are a few lessons I was reminded of that actually relate to our businesses…

1. Find the humor… I could have stomped, yelled and gotten mad when I ran over my cellphone but really, it was rather funny to see the many bits and pieces and that the sim card survived.

Lesson: Consider the experience as a lesson, rather than a mistake.

2. Have a vision… Almost 15 years ago, my sister and I talked about how our families should live together in our golden years. Not only would it save money but we could look after each other! Now that she has retired, we rekindled that vision and started the process. Finally, the vision has become a reality.

Lesson: Life happens anyway – it’s better when you can create the reality you desire! You can create the business you desire when you focus on the vision you want to bring to reality!

3. Patience… The property we bought needs work – the gardens need a major clean-up; the lawns are huge and need constant mowing, especially at this time of year; the inside and outside of the house need painting; there seems to be a growing list of things that need fixing. But they don’t all have to be done today or this week.

Lesson: Keep your vision front and center and then prioritize the work! It will get done. Perhaps you’ll need to hire help (team), or perhaps you’ll need to free up time from somewhere else? It’s the same in your business. Make a 90-day plan and break that plan down into daily, weekly, and monthly action steps! (That’s EXACTLY what we will do for your business during our upcoming Quarterly Freedom Business Planning Day on June 17 here – use SAVE100 coupon)

4. Plan ahead … OMG…. Our new house is two-storey with a basement which means we go up and down stairs many, many times a day (our former house was all on one level). While it sounds funny, going up and down stairs frequently uses muscles that this body hasn’t used in a long time. I’m now planning my trips – there’s a basket on the stairs for trips up or down!

Lesson: Strategic planning saves time, and energy! Read #3.

5. Self-care…. At the farm, I’m more physically active than I’ve been in many years – my body lets me know! There are muscles that I didn’t know I had that are talking to me today! So I have to plan out my activities – if the morning is physical; then a quieter activity in the afternoon.  If I don’t look after my body, I won’t be able to accomplish anything!

Lesson: Without a healthy body (and mind), your business won’t thrive! Neither will your family.  Look after #1 – YOU!

Lessons learned at the farm aren’t far from those we learn in our business. In this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast, I welcome back special guest Kris Ward, Team Building and Systems Specialist, as we chat about Kris’s favourite 3 T’s (team, time, toolkits) and much more. Those 3T’s apply to life as well!

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P.S. Those are the lessons that I’ve been reminded of this week.

What about you?
What lessons were you reminded of this past week?

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