I’m not making enough money!
I don’t have enough customers!
What’s wrong with me?

Ever said those things to yourself?

I’ve often heard these comments from entrepreneurs!  I feel so bad for them because they feel frustrated and stuck despite the fact that they want more customers or more money and despite the fact that they are working hard at it.

So what’s wrong?

Well – those negative emotions we have around money are keeping us from earning more!  Although, it’s not your fault you feel this way about money — you can do something about it.

Your thoughts & emotions around money come from things you’ve experienced in the past.  Things you might have heard from your parents, teachers, or other important people in your life.  It could be something that you experienced around money when you were young – parents divorce, bankruptcy, war, etc.  All of these things contribute to our ‘money monster’.

Unfortunately our money monster is like a computer program running in the background of our head. Breathing is a subconscious program running in the background and so are our emotions around money! The unfortunate problem is that because the thoughts & emotions are unconscious thoughts, we aren’t aware of how they drive our actions.  But they do!

If we have thoughts about money such as:
Money is scarce
It takes money to make money
Money is evil
Rich people are evil
It takes hard work to make money….

Then those thoughts drive our actions…. Subsequently we
Believe that money is scarce
We believe that we have to work hard to make good money
We believe having money is bad.

Then we do things like…. Keep our prices low; work too many hours in our business; don’t raise our prices; etc. (see 7 Ways you might be repelling money)

The big question is …. Are you ready to do something about your sabotaging money thoughts?  Are you ready to change those money patterns?

This is one of the big questions I’ll address at upcoming SHIFT-the money event!
I’m going to share how you can master your money monster.
I’m going to share a new way of pricing that perhaps you haven’t thought of using.
I’m going to share new framework for your business so you can earn more profit to build that lifestyle that you want!

After all – that’s all I want for you!

“Money isn’t everything – but it ranks right up there with oxygen”

So if you’d like to change how you feel about money.
If you’d like to become more profitable in your business.
If you’d like to learn why entrepreneurs who earn 10x more; don’t work 10x harder….

Then get your ticket for SHIFT today!!!  We are less than 3 weeks away!
Go to your calendar now.
Block off the day.
Arrange the babysitter.
Call your Business Besties.  Get them to block off the day; arrange the sitter.
Go here — buy your ticket with the discount code I’m gifting to you….DL20.
A full day that will totally shift your business, networking nirvana, lunch, sponsors, and a whole lot of fun — all for just $20!



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