Over the years I’ve stressed about attending networking events.  I would procrastinate attending; I would spend hours fiddling with my elevator speech; I’d arrive with sweaty palms; I’d flub my elevator speech …..  sound familiar!

It’s all about that dreaded question:  “So… what do you do?”

And yes, I know you know that you need a really OUTSTANDING elevator speech but ……

All of that changed for me when I switched my focus for WHY I was attending networking events.

Are you attending to find ‘dream clients’?  Does that get you into the ‘begging mode’ or feeling desperate because you really, really need more clients?

A few years ago, I switched my focus to attending networking events NOT for finding dream clients!!! (My goal was looking for speaking engagements).

But what I might suggest for you is that you think about looking for referrals.  That’s right!

First – let’s assume that everyone at the event is NOT your ideal client but their best friend, or sister is!  (I can feel you relax already!)

Present yourself as an expert on your topic – the creator of an awesome transformation!  Then you say – these are the people I help.  They struggle with …… and I’m so excited to do this work!

Now you look like a highly valued EXPERT.  And you want them to say, wow, that sounds great, my friend could really use that!

This changes your whole energy – you are now just informing them!  And asking for an introduction.

Try this the next time you’re networking!  Networking is one of the BEST ways to grow your business – when it’s done right!!!

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