There’s a lot of advice out there about how to get new clients.  There’s checklists about growing your email list; building a facebook group; using FB live…. you know – the list goes on.

However, all of those strategies take time and sometimes you need CLIENTS REALLY FAST (because the car broke down or the rent is due).

So over the next few weeks I want to share with you this series:

  1. Why fastest path to cash is working 1 x 1
  2. The 3 reasons you’re not getting clients in your business
  3. Actionable strategies to get private clients FAST
  4. 20+ Go-To Strategies to find more clients
  5. Converting your free discovery sessions into clients

Today’s ‘lesson’ is short …. the fastest path to cash is to work 1×1 with private clients!  Many people have bought into the myth about ‘passive’ income, online programs or group programs … and while I’ll admit I love creating new offerings & passive income streams — STILL the best way to generate cash, without a lot of tech, is to work 1×1.

It’s not about offering huge discounts on your services or having a flash sale of your programs but it’s about inviting individuals to work with you.

The great thing about working 1×1 is that you have the opportunity to IMPROVE your skills.  It makes you better at what you do!

Working 1×1 also makes you a better marketer!  Yup you heard me.  When you’re working with your client 1×1, you truly get to know everything about them — their wishes, dreams, wants & desires!  This information is GOLD.  It’s valuable content for your blogs, podcasts, etc. as well as insights into your next paid program.

So stop thinking that there’s a magic pill you can take to generate cash!  Sorry –  NOPE.  But I also don’t want you to get discouraged!  I’m here to help make it happen for you!

Keep watching & reading!  The next few blogs will help you.

(And I’ll let you in on a secret…. I’m putting together a FREE MASTERCLASS later this year where I’ll share the exact 7-step process I use to generate FAST CASH in my private coaching and have been teaching to my students.)

Next week — 3 reasons why you’re not getting clients in your business!



PS.  Watch this video about 3-Step Client Attraction Formula that works for any business, industry or niche!  In fact, I’m sharing it this week with a multi-million dollar business!  It works!

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