You’re brilliant at what you do!  But do you ever feel like there are so many entrepreneurial activities that you should be doing that you just don’t know where to focus your time, energy or money?

When you’re working so hard in your business, it’s easy to get stuck feeling as though NOTHING is ever going to bring in those clients to give you the consistent cash flow that you want.

The good news is, you are obviously determined and a hard worker!

I help ambitious entrepreneurs like you, who are finally ready to make the necessary ‘shifts’ in their businesses to catapult their profits without working harder, and free up more time for the things they love!

That’s why I’m super excited to offer you the chance to work with me no matter what level of business growth you are at!

For those who are at Glorified Employee* (Stage1):

If you need to clarify your message and understand your D.N.A. style, then Discover Your D.N.A. (Discover Distinctive Natural Advantage) is a great place to start (this is the last month this will be offered at $197).  Book now –

If you’d like to learn more about how to plan for consistent cash flow & clients, why not join us on line May 8 for CEO Retreat (  Book now!

If you’re ready to clarify your message, craft your compelling offer and establish your consistent outreach so you can earn a consistent $5k/month – then the Achiever’s Club is for you!  We start April 18.  Here’s the link –

For those who are at Manager level* (Stage 2):

Congratulations, you’ve graduated to the Manger level and you’re ready to leverage your time, learn delegation skills and create systems in your business.  That’s why I recently created CEO Accelerator Circle – a SUPER SMALL mastermind series of face-to-face interactions to set you up as the CEO of your business! (more info here).  With only 3-5 participants, this is sure to accelerate your business — we start in May!

Of course, if you would prefer private coaching to SHIFT you & your business, that’s available too!

Don’t know what’s right for you …..?   Apply for your Growth Strategy Session by filling out this short questionnaire –

I can’t wait to make BIG things happen for you!



* Watch this video for a short explanation about D.N.A. (distinct natural advantage) and the 4 stages of business growth – (also SHIFT INTO RICH: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small business success; chapter 2)

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