Ready to get more clients now?  In this 5-part Get More Clients Now (GMCN) series, I’m sharing some of my BEST tips to book yourself solid in the upcoming weeks!

The first in the series (last week) explained why working with clients 1×1 was the fastest path to cash.  I also know that sometimes there’s just a piece of the puzzle missing – in other words, you’re doing a lot of different activities but something isn’t quite working.

So today, I’d like to share with you the 3 Biggest Mistakes you might be making that are keeping you from getting clients now!

1.     No one knows who you are.

This is probably the easiest of all the 3 mistakes to diagnose – it’s just a simple fact that not enough people know that your business even exists!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from coaches or consultants who tell me – “Well, I built a website.”  Or “I have a facebook page” or “I wrote a book”!  The thinking that if you build it; they will come – is a BIG FAT MYTH!  It takes a lot of work to rise above all the ‘noise’ on the internet today.

If you attended SHIFT, you heard me talk about 3 Step Client Attraction Formula (capture, cultivate & convert) and if you didn’t here’s a short video.  You have to be engaged in effective marketing strategies that actually attract & capture attention; then cultivate the relationship; before you convert them into clients.

So what attract & capture activities are you doing CONSISTENTLY: interviews; blogging; guest blogging; public speaking; hosting events, webinars, seminars or even paid advertising??

2.     They don’t understand WHAT you can do for them!
If you’ve ever shopped for a new computer, you know that there are so many brands, styles and options available.  Let’s take an average pc – they can range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars!   The more expensive probably have bigger memory and several options.  But if you’re like me – I know nothing about memory size or these options.  It means NOTHING to me when someone explains the memory size, RAM size, etc.  However, if they tell me that the bigger the memory, the more storage or the faster it runs – then I can effectively weigh my options.

Suddenly, I understand the VALUE of the more expensive computer!  That’s the difference between leading with benefits/results rather than features.

So here’s another example:

If I explain to you that the Achiever’s Club (my signature program) meets 3 times a month on zoom (feature) and that I’ll walk you through 5 step process (feature)…. You might say okay but that sounds expensive.   However, if I tell you that you’ll graduate from the program with clarity around your target market & niche; with a signature program and know how to price, sell and market it – then those are RESULTS.  Then you understand the value!

Once you realize the difference – you’ll start noticing this everywhere.  Just remember, people buy to solve a problem and to get RESULTS!!

3.     The lack of clarity of the customer journey!

So perhaps you’re asking …. What the heck is a ‘customer journey’?  A customer journey is the process that we take people through to help them move from just being aware we exist to actually building trust and a relationship and then asking them to work with us.

ATTRACT & CAPTURE – these are marketing activities that bring awareness to you, your brand and your message (networking, speaking, interviews).  At this point you are also capturing their information so you can move them to the next step  — i.e. offer a freebie or opt-in.

CULTIVATE – these are marketing activities that cultivate or nurture a relationship (blogging, podcasting, speaking, social media, etc.)

CONVERT – these are activities where you actually ASK people to work with you (i.e. having discovery sessions, selling from the stage, etc.)

FOLLOW UP – these are marketing activities that you continue to build a relationship even if someone says “NO” to you the first, second or even 3rd time and might include sending educational material, hand written notes; phone calls; etc.

DELIGHT – This is about surprising and delighting your customers by providing an amazing customer experience.  The fact is that it’s 7x easier to keep an existing client than to find a new one!  I’m guessing you’d rather have happy clients who work with you over and over again; rather than spending time, money & energy looking for new clients.

TRUTH BOMB – All of these stages in the customer journey ARE NOT OPTIONAL!

Okay – so now it’s time to ask yourself…. Which of these mistakes do you think is the reason for you NOT getting enough clients?  I imagine if you’re truthful with yourself, you’ll find the answer.

If you’re truly stuck, why not reach out and book a GROWTH STRATEGY SESSION with me (here) and let’s see if we can pinpoint the culprit.  Because when you know what’s wrong, then there’s a better chance of fixing it!



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