Are you wondering how to get more clients NOW?  Then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to part three of Get More Clients Now (GMCN).  In this series, I’m sharing some of my favorite strategies to help you get more clients and generate more cashflow, without a lot of complicated marketing tactics or fancy technology.

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Today, I’d like to outline 5 steps that you can use to fill up your agenda with clients lightning fast!  No you won’t need to learn any new technology or new marketing tactic.

STEP 1:    Focus on high-value offerings (programs, products, services)

When most of us think about getting new clients FAST, we often think about offering a SALE (at least that’s what I did in my retail store)!  However, the opposite is true for transformational services.  You can generate more cash quickly by offering high value offerings to private clients!

High-value and high ticket offerings are typically how your clients will get the best results!  For a moment, let’s pretend you’re the client & imagine you want to lose 20 lbs.  You know that you could hire a dietician or you could hire a nutritionist or you could hire a fitness expert but what if you had a program that combined all three?  A high value offer to help you achieve that desired result might be a combination of these solutions.

Continue with the weight loss theme.  You could work with any of these professionals for 1 or 2 sessions; but you know that to really lose the weight and keep it off, it’s going to take more than eating ONE salad.  SInce you’re  truly committed to losing the weight, you know that it would probably take 6-12 months.

The same is true for your clients!  A client committed to getting true transformation is going to understand the necessity of a deep & long term program, product or service to get those results.  And I imagine, you already know this about your offerings.  A longer, more intensive program is going to be your high-value offering.

You can present two offerings:  Option A being your super high-test version with all the bells and whistles and Option B being a more scaled down, simpler version of option A.  We will dive deeper in this idea during our discussions of crafting a Compelling Signature Program (product or service) in the Achiever’s Club.

When you focus on offering high-value & high-ticket offerings, you don’t need nearly as many sales to get the cash flow that you desire (or need).

STEP 2:    Leverage your current community

Although it’s vitally important to know your target market and your niche for your longterm marketing strategy – right now, ask yourself these simple questions in order to get some cash flowing:

  • Who is around me right now, who do I ALREADY know that needs the kind of help I can provide and that I can reach quickly?
  • Who do I already know, a peer or mentor or friend, who can introduce me to people who can use my help (through a workshop or referral)?
  • Who have I already worked with who may be interested in an upgraded level of service OR might know someone else who is?

Our current and past connections and relationship can be so vital to getting more private clients FAST.  And, by the way, it’s so much easier to enroll a new client who already has a relationship with you (or who is a referral) than going out and finding a new audience.

STEP 3:  Ask/Invite Individually

While it’s true that mass email can be effective, reaching out and inviting people to work with you personally is some much more effective.  It could start with an individual warm email explaining what’s new for you, who you’re looking to help, what’s the problem you can solve, and finally that you’d love to offer a free discovery session.

STEP 4:  Pick up the phone

If you’re anything like me, early in my career I often found that the phone seemed to weigh 500 lbs – meaning, it’s sometimes difficult to actually pick it up and call someone.  However, I’ve also found that it’s the most effective way BY FAR!  So many times, I’ve had to re-frame my thoughts about phone conversations.  Instead of thinking, it’s difficult to phone people….. re-frame:  I’m getting better and better at phone conversations!

STEP 5:   Rinse and Repeat

If you get a YES – book their first session in your agenda; send the invoice; send out follow up email to get them ready for your first session together.  (You’ll get bonus points if you drop them a handwritten thank you note and perhaps a little present in the mail!).

If you get a MAYBE – book their first session anyway (in pencil) and send a follow up email saying THANK YOU for your time, all the details of the offering, and what to do next.  The most important thing here is to include a deadline for their acceptance or before you get off the phone, book a follow up phone call to confirm their start date!

If it’s a NO – don’t take it personally!  So what – who’s next?  But be sure to follow up with a thank you note.  When you treat them with gratitude and love, they will remember you.  You’ll get bonus points if you ask for a referral.

Don’t stop here – pick up the phone again and do it all over again.  I promise, it will be so worth it!

BONUS STEP:  Follow up is so critical!  Just because it might not be the right time for your offer, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be ready in a couple of months or ready for something different down the road!

Ultimately, you don’t need to HUSTLE to get more clients.  Just use some simple marketing tactics – do them well – rinse and repeat and VOILA – your agenda will soon be filled once more and the cash will be flowing again.

Next week, I’m excited to be sharing more of my go-to strategies to get more clients now!



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