About six years ago, I joined a breakfast networking group that met weekly.  Every night before the breakfast, I would lie awake running my informercial through my mind.  The next morning, I’d stand up, say my informercial…. And nothing!


Meaning I wasn’t getting any leads or interest from my ‘golden moment’.  After a few weeks, I became extremely frustrated.  So frustrated that I went home thinking I was going to quit the group!

However, I’m not a quitter – so I decided that I had to change what I was saying in my infomercial.  I learned that I had to change how I was communicating my value so that my prospects would listen!

So, after some research and a complete change in perspective, I went back to the group with a totally new infomercial – new words, and a whole new perspective.  I stood up, said my infomercial and miracle of miracles… after the meeting,  3 people came up to me, gave me their business cards and said that they wanted to work with me!!!

What did I change?

A ‘client-getting’ infomercial is meant to be heard by your dream clients;  spark interest from your dream clients; and be repeated to your dream clients.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that these 4 critical components need to be incorporated: 

  1. Who (target audience);
  2. What problem they have;
  3. The results/desired outcomes your target audience wants and a
  4. CTA (call to action).

Once you’ve nailed these 4 components, you can easily expand or shorten your infomercial.

WHO  refers to your target audience.

Possible examples:
Mother, but new mother would be better; more specific.

Business owner, but small business owner would be even better.

THE PROBLEM you solve is meant to be expressed from your target audience’s perspective, i.e. what are they lying awake at night thinking about (rather than from your expert perspective).

A new mother might be thinking ‘how is she going to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes?’ (not that she needs to lose weight).

A small business owner might be thinking that she’s working way too hard for so little money (not that they need marketing that actually works)

THE RESULTS you provide refers to what results or desired outcomes you easily get with your clients.

New mother – you offer ‘lose your last 15 lbs without giving up wine or chocolate.’ 

Small Business owner – you offer ‘attract more of your dream clients with marketing that actually works’.

CTA (call to action) You could close your infomercial with:

  • Come & see me after the meeting
  • Book a call with me
  • Check out my website
  • OR – leave your email with me and I’ll send you my FREEBIE (gift, opt-in, etc.) Ex: New mom – Best Snacks for Getting Back into your skinny jeans.

BTW – offering a freebie is one of the best ways to follow up with prospects.

Now that you’ve got the 4 critical components …. Just fit them into this template:

I work with (target audience) _____________________________ new moms who (problem) _____________________________ want to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes. I help them (results) __________________________ to lose that last 15 pounds without giving up wine & chocolate! 

Perhaps you’re saying Diana … this is really really hard to figure out!!  I know.  That’s why for the next two weeks, I want to offer you some support (at a discounted price).

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  3. I’ll send you a workbook which you’ll complete and return to me.
  4. Then you’ll book your 90 minute DYD consultation with me!

Not only will I help you stand out, but I’ll also show you how to communicate so your prospects will listen!

Can’t wait to support you so that your infomercial actually brings you clients!



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