Some days, being a business owner can feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle for time, money, and freedom.

One thing I know for sure is that having a signature program (product or service) is the ticket to freedom – earning more & living more!

A signature program has allowed me to take serious time off in my business and still get paid.  It has allowed me to have a more consistent income and be relaxed because I know that my business expenses are covered each and every month.  It has allowed me to pay myself a regular paycheck.

A signature program has allowed clients like Lisa to double her monthly income just by working with a small number of clients a month.

A signature program has allowed Francis to find the joy in her business once more because her signature program clients were so much more committed to their transformation.

A signature program allowed Lorraine to take a winter vacation with her family!

So, you might be wondering EXACTLY what is a ‘signature program’ (product or service) and why do I really need one.

First of all, a signature program isn’t just a bunch of videos and other information thrown together, delivered over time, and given a high price!

A Signature Program …

  • Involves getting your genius out of your head and into a proven system so that your clients see the tremendous value it brings to them.
  • Shifts the focus from being solely about your one-on-one time (or hourly rate) to being results driven, allowing you to earn more income and help more people with better results in the process.
  • Allows you to charge based on RESULTS over a period of time so that you have a continuous stream of income.
  • Offers additional resources that you create in evergreen format (these may include checklists, videos, audios, etc.) that go hand in hand with your one-to-one work.

Without a signature program, business owners are stuck on the never-ending cash flow roller coaster wishing and hoping for the next client.

Having a methodology that can be delivered in a variety of ways (both group and 1:1) gives you the ability to confidently grow your business because once it’s done and set up you can then switch gears and focus on growing your audience and enrolling dozens or hundreds of clients at a time because your infrastructure can support it.

But perhaps:

  • You don’t think your idea could become a signature program (product or service)
  • You’ve been working on your program outline for weeks and weeks and haven’t gotten anywhere
  • You’re so overwhelmed by all of the content you could put into your program that you don’t know where to start
  • You’re not sure your program can get results for your clients.

I’ve seen signature programs created for health coaches of all types, for car saleswomen; for business coaches; speaking coaches; real estate agents, naturopaths; financial coaches; bookkeepers; photographers; food businesses and so many others.  All of these business owners have benefited from having a signature program.  And so can you!

Imagine if you could transform your business so that you no longer had to stress about money and marketing…

Within weeks you could double or triple your income in a way that gets your clients BIGGER results.

That’s what a signature program can do for you!

Inside the Achiever’s Club, I help you create your signature program.  I answer all those doubts for you; I hold your hand and support you; I help you see how a signature program will help not only you, but your clients see huge results as well.

Investing in serious coaching and accountability is the fastest way to move forward.

I can help you if you’re ready.

You can do this


The Achiever’s Club opens its doors with our first call November 21 at 11am.  I look forward to welcoming you aboard!  Join here –

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