Welcome back to the third in the December series about scorecards or measuring what matters in your business.  This week it’s all about CONTENT!

You’ve heard it before (and not just from me) that CONTENT is king!  But perhaps you’re really wondering what that actually means.

Let’s talk about dating – yup – it’s actually a great analogy to marketing.

Think back to the time when you met someone for the first time.  You caught each other’s attention across the room; perhaps had a drink and shared phone numbers.  In marketing you could call that your ‘lead magnet’ – you’re getting someone’s attention and capturing their email information so you can keep in touch later.

Then the true dating starts.  You and your friend share text messages and phone calls and get to know each other. You’re growing your relationship.  In marketing, this is where CONTENT becomes important.  Content lets you share a little about you and your expertise – it cultivates/nurtures your relationship with your prospect.

Only after some ‘dating’; passing the know-like-trust test – will one of you ask the other to ‘go steady’ or perhaps even get married. The same thing happens in marketing.  Your content builds the know-like and trust factor.  It also keeps you (and your expertise) top of mind with the prospect.

That’s why a lead magnet/opt-in/freebie is so valuable – it’s the capture phase.

Then your content (whether it’s a blog, newsletter, video, podcast, YouTube video or social media post) allows your prospect to get to know you and keeps your business top of mind.

Imagine if you were dating, and the other person didn’t keep in touch with you regularly?  What would you think of them?  Would you think they were unreliable?  Would you think they didn’t care about you?

Well the same is true for your content marketing – consistency is vital.  One of my favorite sayings is that consistent marketing = consistent results.  You have to show up consistently or people perceive that you’re unreliable and don’t care!

So, my friends – how do you consistently create great content that your prospects will love WITHOUT it eating up all of your time & energy?  SIMPLE.

Here’s a few secrets for amazeballs content:

  1. Know what your CONTENT STYLE is and focus on it (are you better at writing or video; video or live events?).
  2. Know what and where your dream client hangs out (which social media platform) so that you are consistently present.
  3. Create content that is relevant to your dream client.
  4. Create content that focuses on your area of expertise (positions your brand).
  5. Measure the results of your content to know what is working.
  6. Know which content gets the results that you want.

Here’s the thing – I know it sounds overwhelming!!!  I can almost hear you saying, “but Diana when do I have time to plan out perfect content”, or “Diana HOW do I create amazing content without driving myself crazy?”.

No worries – I’m going to share with you my TOP SECRETS to help you.  You could call them an early Christmas present!!!

  1. Join me for CONTENT CREATION BOOTCAMP (Jan 10 & 11). You’ll discover how to create content that is amazeballs!  In this small workshop, we’ll create a strategy for YOUR content, your 2020 goals, for your content style; and your dream client.  You’ll leave with content done!!
  2. Attached is the 3rd Scorecard — a Content Scorecard where you can track the RESULTS of your content to see what’s working and what’s not working.  This is the kind of thing that your Virtual Assistant can easily monitor for you.
  3. Watch out for Training Tuesday over in my Facebook group (Shift Your Biz) where I’ll share “How to love your list”!

Be brave … I know you can do this!


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