I hope you enjoyed the story of my grandmother Edith in last week’s blog (here).

Welcome back to the second in the December series about scorecards and measuring what matters in your business.  This week it’s all about where you spend your time!!!

There are 5 essential activities for every business:

  1. Administrative & Operations
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Customer Service
  4. Customer Fulfillment
  5. Business Growth & Development

If you were my client and you were having trouble with time management and wanting to increase sales, I would probably ask you to rank these 5 activities in order of where they spend your time. Perhaps your rankings might look like this —

  1. Administrative & operations
  2. Customer fulfillment (i.e.servicing clients)
  3. Customer service
  4. Sales & marketing
  5. Business growth & development.

Take a moment and rank where you spend your time?  Be truthful – where do you spend the majority of your time?

Truth is, that if you want your established business to grow, your goal should be to offload (delegate, hire) everything except business growth and development.

Should I say that again…..?

Business strategist Todd Herman developed the Entrepreneur’s Scorecard and I’ve modified it slightly here to make it easier to learn how & where to spend your time when you want your business to grow & scale.

Download your complimentary copy here now.  Feel free to add your specific activities to the columns.

The concept is based on whether activities are valued at $10 an hour, $100 an hour, $1000 an hour or $10,000 an hour – these are just relative terms!  But the exercise is certainly worth doing and might just reveal where you might be fooling yourself.

Non-Revenue Gen.

Managing your inbox
Social media
Basic customer service
Tweaking website
Website Maintenance
Tracking Metrics
Scheduling Newsletters
Formatting Blog Posts

More Skilled

Writing blog posts
Writing other content
Project management
Writing newsletters
Customer follow up
Designing graphics
Editing Podcasts
Website development
Set up automated sequences

Revenue Generating Marketing & Sales

CEO Dates weekly
Strategic planning
Building sales campaigns
Writing sales copy
Sales conversations
Prepping Speaking
Prepping webinar

Big Reach New Biz Growth

Teaching a webinar
Creating new programs
Public speaking
FB lives

The final part of the exercise is this:

Determine what you want your 2020 revenue goal to be ($100,000)

If you plan to work 50 weeks/year, then your ‘goal’ is to reach $2,000 per week with the correct type of activities.

What’s your revenue goal?  _____________________

Divide that by the number of weeks you want to work to reach your revenue goal per week.

# of weeks _______________ = $__________ per week

Aim to reach that revenue goal (or higher) by working on the right activities!

Good luck!

As I mentioned, this is the level of support that I offer my clients, especially those in the CEO Mastermind.

If you’re not achieving either the growth you want or the time freedom you want in your current business structure – perhaps it’s time join this mastermind/mentor program where you’ll not only get fresh ideas, but also the business support you need.  I’d love to have you be joined by 5 other established business owners – check it out here..

Applications are open until December 24th, 2019.  Our first mastermind is January 31st, 2020.

Don’t be fooling yourself that you’re spending your time in the right areas in your business any longer!


PS  As we speak, I’m at the CAPS 2019 National Convention getting amazing support from other speakers & coaches so that I too, can up my game in 2020!!!.  That’s 3 days of business growth and development!!!

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