When my client came to me, she was doing the HUSTLE – you know what I mean.  She was trying one marketing tactic after another hoping each one would be the ‘magic bullet’.  She was frustrated that she wasn’t getting the type of clients she wanted; her bank account certainly didn’t reflect the number of hours she was working; and now she had lost her confidence that she would EVER be able to make her business profitable.

That’s the kind of story that makes me angry!  This poor woman just wanted to help people with her service!  She saw these so-called marketing & business gurus on social media promising great results if she would only use this ONE marketing tactic.  But nothing seemed to work! So, she was constantly trying one thing after another.

I totally understood her situation because she was like so many other business owners that I work with.

I wanted to share 5 secrets that will help you make your marketing work for you … in other words bring you more qualified leads (the right kinds of clients); more sales (be well paid) and more confidence!!!



Trying one marketing tactic after another will NOT bring you the traction you need in your business and it won’t help you become a ‘Confident Marketer’.

The Confident Marketer is a business owner who knows how to implement the Marketing Trifecta i.e.

  • Which marketing strategy works best for their marketing style.
  • Which content style best fits them.
  • Which revenue generating activities to focus on for their stage of business growth; and
  • Who has a rinse and repeat marketing system.



One of the biggest problems business owners have is to communicate clearly & effectively what their business does.  In other words – answer in 20 seconds or less; SO, WHAT DO YOU DO?

Clarifying that message into simple words that are memorable is the key.  If you can do this, you are way ahead of your competition.



There’s an old saying that a confused mind never buys.  If you offer a customer too many products/services, they have trouble choosing what’s right for them.

When you create ONE amazing offer (a signature offer, a flagship offer) and you put it out there over and over again (tweaking it each time) – then you build your reputation and brand on that one offer; on those results!



A funnel is a fancy term for how you bring clients along through a customer journey i.e. from a prospect then nurturing them with content and then converting them into a client.  The methods/tactics you use along this journey is called a ‘funnel’.



Probably one of the most difficult things to learn is about ourselves – that we are experts; that we have a gift; that we need to focus on that gift.  We must believe in ourselves.

There’s another old saying that ‘the first sale is to yourself”.  If you don’t believe strongly enough in your product/service, then you will NEVER sell to your customer.  (I know all about this myself because self-doubt kept me playing small for years).

So, there you have it – 5 secrets that will help you FINALLY make your marketing work better for you – to bring you more qualified leads, more sales and more confidence.

But I want to share one more ‘secret’ with you … it’s really difficult to do this by yourself!  How do I know …. because I tried the DIY method.  It took me a long time to accomplish anything.  Once I learned to hire a coach, my business and my income grew much faster!  As my friend & client Ron says, if he had worked with a coach sooner, it would have saved him thousands of dollars!

If you’re ready to implement these secrets – I’d be thrilled to help you!

I invite you to book a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session with me here!  I’ll help you discover why your marketing isn’t working and the #1 thing you can do to get the traction you want in your business.



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