This week I gave myself permission to take some time off for ME!!! (And yes, you can too!).  However, since I love my business and what I do, I read about marketing in my spare time when I’m not reading trashy romance novels – Yeah Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts.

But I digress!

This week’s book is Russell Brunson’s third – Traffic Secrets!  I wasn’t looking forward to the book because dear Russell is often difficult to follow.  HOWEVER, his first chapter caught my eye!

The first chapter (and section) is entitled YOUR DREAM CUSTOMER!!!  I was thrilled.

To quote Russell,

 “The biggest problem they (business owners) have is getting their future customers to discover that they even exist,” … entrepreneurs don’t understand this one essential skill: the art and science of getting traffic (or people) to find you.”

Of course, Russell isn’t the first person (or the last) to say this!  It’s just that sometimes it’s great to hear someone else tell it like it is!!!  It’s like a child hearing don’t put your elbows on the table when eating from someone other than a parent – they always listen!!

So, if you want to get your message out there so you can impact more people (and make more money) – you have to master the art & science of getting traffic.

To quote Russell again, 

“… understanding exactly who your dream customer is, discovering where they’re congregating, throwing out hooks that will grab their attention to pull them into your funnels (where you can tell them a story and make them an offer) is the strategy.  THAT’S THE BIG SECRET.” 

QUICK QUESTION – Do you want to learn how to identify your dream clients and where they congregate?

Is it important to you?

Then I invite you to join MARKETING ROADMAP INTENSIVE!

Not only will you learn about your dream client (dc) but also about:

  • clarifying your message so they understand what you do;
  • creating a lead generating freebie so you build your email list (imperative in this virtual world);
  • simplifying the words on your website and turn it into a silent sales machine;
  • and how to make sales easier!

Not bad for a 10-week intensive that has gotten SUPERB reviews and doesn’t cost a fortune!

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