Over the years, I’ve looked at hundreds if not thousands of websites of coaches and consultants.  And most of those websites aren’t doing their job!!

It’s nice to have a thousand visitors on your website each week, but high web traffic doesn’t equal clients. How do you reach out through the screen and tell them that you can help solve their problems?

1. Illustrate That You Have What They Need

It would be very surprising if visitors came to your website because they wanted to learn about coaching. They need someone to coach them and turn their current issues into opportunities.

Consider the following suggestion: instead of listing testimonials raving about your practice, describe the situations in which your top clients found themselves and how you helped them. That way, the visitor has perspective and can see a practical application of your skills. You will be seen as a person instead of a website.

2. Provide valuable content

For repeat visitors, acquire email addresses in order to market to them later. Since a relationship takes time, a weekly or monthly content allows visitors to warm up to you. They can hear your voice and understand your mission.

3. Offer Free Resources

These can be Top 10 lists, free ebooks, step-by-step guides, or even checklists. These are all brochures for your business, and they tell the client who you are. Give your clients material to allow you to stand out among the numerous websites being browsed.

4. Put your best foot forward

Nobody takes a self-made website seriously unless you have solid computer science knowledge. Invest in a website that looks credible and professional. While a brand-new website can run between $1,000 and $10,000, a client can be worth up to $25,000 in his or her relationship with you. Don’t feel guilty about investing money to hire a talented designer who understands your work.

Remember: a shoddy website is the same as showing up for a business meeting in jeans and a ripped tee. Put your best foot forward.

5. Before you head to your web designer – be prepared.

I’m going to smash 3 myths here!!!

Myth #1 – most web designers are NOT copy writers!  They are excellent at what is known as the ‘back’ end of your website.  They are relying on you to provide the content for the ‘front’ end!!! 

Myth #2 – you are excellent at what you do – and not as a copywriter for your website!  But you could be!!!

Myth #3 – you don’t need a copywriter; you need someone who can write your marketing message clearly and simply!!!

I learned these the hard way.  I’ve hired amazing web designers only to have them ask me – so what should I write.   I’ve also hired amazing copywriters who wrote terrible copy for my website – it was way too long.

The fact is that today people’s attention spans are super SHORT!  If you don’t captivate their attention and answer their unconscious questions in 3 seconds – they are going to click away.  Then you’ve lost money.

So what’s the answer????

The answer is …. WEBSITE MAKEOVER BOOTCAMP.  I’ve set aside a day to work with a small number of coaches & consultants (July 9).  Together, I’m going to help them clarify their message and transfer it to their client-attracting website!  By the end of the day, they’ll have mapped out the words & their location to take to a web designer!  This will save them hundreds if not thousands of $$$$.  There’s still time to register!

So stop losing clients because your website isn’t working.  After all – it’s your biggest piece of online real estate and it should be making you money!!!

REGISTER here!  Your clients are waiting for you!


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