I’m sure this has happened to you.

You inquire about working with someone (or purchasing something).  You ask – so how does it work?

The seller bores you by saying something like …. Well first you book a call; then we chat for about an hour about your goals and I determine what your needs are; then we go through this 7-step process which is like this ………. And then we implement the strategy……. And then you …….

I’m guessing that by the time they’ve explained it all you are confused about what is really going to happen!  When we explain what we do, it can sometimes get overcomplicated and we leave the potential buyer confused and unsure!


A better way is to break down how you work with clients into 3 or 4 simple steps.  (I can already hear you saying – but Diana, it’s not that simple!!).  But what if you just gave them a high level idea of what it would be to work with you.


You might notice on my website, there’s a simple 3 step process to work with me:

  1. schedule a call
  2. create & implement a plan
  3. celebrate your growth

A simple, uncomplicated, step-by-step process! That’s what your clients want to hear!

Recently while I was working with clients (Website Makeover Bootcamp), everyone created their 3 step process – with some resistance.  But imagine someone going to your website (or talking with you) and you could explain your sales process simply – Oh it’s simple — Book a call; together we create & implement your marketing plan; then celebrate your growth.

That’s a plan that sounds simple and doable!!!

This tip works even if your business has a long lead time or a long sales process.  Simply, imagine the steps as phases of your sales process i.e. Phase 1; Phase 2; Phase 3.


Can you break down your sales process into 3 simple steps?

I’d love to hear what those steps are – share them with me over at SHIFT YOUR BIZ

You can do this!


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