Yesterday, I gave myself a gift – the gift of attending a 3 day virtual conference with my former coach & mentor!

She reminded me of many things but one of the things that becomes clearer and clearer is that so many coaches & consultants are working on the wrong activities.

Me included!

At every level of business growth, you need 4 things:

  1. assets – those are things that you will HAVE
  2. actions – things that you DO
  3. abilities – things that you will BE
  4. attitude – your mindset

But here’s the thing – at each stage of business growth you’ll need

  • Different assets
  • To do different actions
  • Have different abilities
  • Have a different mindset blocks!

Let me explain…..

If you haven’t yet earned your first $75K; you’ll need 3 things:

  • A high-ticket offer (core offer; signature program) — ASSET
  • An elevator speech to tell everyone about it – ASSET
  • A specific discovery session to be able to sell it! — ASSET

You don’t need a fancy website, logo or FB ads.

You don’t need to worry about FB groups; or how to do click funnels.

You don’t need to write a book.

You don’t need a fancy marketing or sales funnel.

You just need to have a clear, simple high-ticket core offer that solves a problem people are willing to pay for!

You just need to tell people about it in your elevator speech.

Have a sales conversation to sell the offer

Having a COMPELLING CORE offer is key!

  • It will help you build your reputation around solving that problem.
  • It will help you save time – once it’s created; it’s just about tweaking it.
  • It will help you solve your cash flow roller coaster issues.
  • It will be the basis for your rinse & repeat marketing system!
  • You won’t feel salesy selling it and you won’t need frustrating technology!

So many of you are working way too hard to earn the $$$ you want.

And there are some of you are earning $75K++ but you’re doing it the HARD WAY!  You’re re-creating new offers for every new client or you’re working 1:1 for a low hourly rate!

But you have the choice to change this……

Let’s have you love your business (and get paid well along the way).

Let’s have you stop working weekends and stop working events!

Let’s have you stop working on the WRONG activities that aren’t generating revenue!

Here’s your invitation to join me for a new program I’m offering ONLY to my readers!!!

Here’s your invitation to building a sustainable business with $5K+ months.

Here’s your invitation to a beautiful lifestyle business.

On September 24th, I’m hosting Build Your Compelling Core Offer Bootcamp!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Enroll asap
  2. I send you PRE-work – yes, pre-work – to create an outline
  3. There will be workbooks, templates and scripts
  4. You’ll come to the bootcamp and you’ll get FEEDBACK

As I mentioned, this is a SPECIAL just for you – my readers!!!!  Regular price is $497 but for you – this one time — $199!!!

Register here!

I’m so grateful for my mentor – reminding me of where I need to focus my time & energy.

I hope this helps you too!



Registration is still open for Marketing Roadmap Intensive (MRI) which is an intensive 10-week program to give you a rinse & repeat marketing strategy that works for YOU (it includes the Compelling Core Offer Bootcamp)!

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