We just celebrated Labour Day.  Apparently the Canadian origins date back to 1872 when a parade was staged to support the Toronto Typographical Union whose employees were striking in support of a 58-hour week! 

I chuckled as I read it thinking about all the small business owners that I know that work many more hours. Some work 60 hours; some even 70 hours a week!!!

Now let’s be honest – is that you?  Are you someone that works too many hours a week?  It’s okay – I used to be that person too.

And here’s another truth bomb – my bank account certainly didn’t reflect all the work I was putting in.

So why is it that too many business owners work too many hours for too little income?

Where do I start?  I’ll share with you what I’ve learned……

1. I was spending my time DOING the wrong activities for my stage of business growth. YUP – listening to webinars or masterclasses on Clickfunnels or writing a book when you haven’t earned your first $50k is the wrong activity!  It’s activity – not achievement. 

So how to work less? Work on activities appropriate for your stage of business growth (or what I call your C.R.A. – consistently the right activities).  When I’m working with clients, they get a list of very specific activities for them to work on – things to ACHIEVE, IMPLEMENT or get sh*t done!  If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I talk about the 4 stages of business growth and that for each stage of business growth there are new skills you have to learn.

2. I wasn’t being ME! I blame the internet and social media. I was trying to be a little bit of this guru, and a little bit of that guru – and it didn’t work. When I discovered my own Entrepreneurial D.N.A. and stuck to becoming MORE OF ME – then my business became easier and I didn’t have to work so hard!

3. I was doing the ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’ kind of marketing or as I call it HUSTLE. And guess what – that didn’t work either.  A little of this and a little of that didn’t give me the traction or momentum that I wanted in my business.  So I learned how to create a Simplified Marketing Roadmap – a plan designed with my DNA in mind – and it worked! When I speak more and when I teach more – I attract amazing clients. 

4. I was charging too little and didn’t understand how to express my value! OMG, once I learned how to package my expertise and sell it for its true value, it wasn’t long before I hit the 6-figure mark!

So which of these ‘activities’ has you spinning your wheels? 

You deserve to work 20-30 hours a week and earn $5-10K++ a month!  Yes, you read that right!!!

When you strengthen your Marketing Trifecta (your DNA, your CRA, and your marketing roadmap) – life is good!!!  You deserve to work less and earn more.



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