Okay, so I’m assuming you understand what I mean by ‘hustle’!  That’s the state we are in when we work, work, work …. often thinking that MORE work is the answer!  Sound familiar.  We’ve all been there – especially when we are starting out in our businesses!

These days I’m hearing that women entrepreneurs are DONE with hustling!  We are tired of working way too hard and thinking that more work is the answer.  At my age, I’ve finally discovered that it’s time to let hustle go; and it’s time to embrace something else!

HUSTLE is not a strategy for long term, sustainable success!  It’s the path to burn out, overwhelm and a loss of passion!  I’m assuming that’s not where you want to go.

In my experience with hundreds of entrepreneurs, there’s 3 vital ingredients you need to end the hustle:

  1. Vision for your definition of success
  2. Entrepreneurial DNA
  3. CRA (consistently the right activities for your stage of business growth).

Let’s quickly review each ……

1.       VISION for success:  Over and over again I see entrepreneurs focused on growing their business – more clients, more clients.  And in a few years, they’ve built a profitable business BUT they have no life – no friends, no family, no vacations, no joy!  They didn’t take the time to define what success meant to them!  Happy, successful entrepreneurs grow their businesses with intention – with the intention to be happy and successful.  They are clear that success means profit and a good pay check BUT also vacations; time off for family & friends; perhaps even a laptop lifestyle.  This clear intention becomes the driving force behind major business decisions.  Clients of mine often have HUGE aha moments when they complete the CLARITY MAP to help them clarify what they want success to look like!

2.       Entrepreneurial DNA:  This is your Distinct Natural Advantage (my invention) – about what makes you different!  It’s comprised of your Effortless Talents (your magic, superpower); your Acquired Mastery; and your Demonstrated Results.

It becomes easier to differentiate yourself and build a compelling brand that will drive sales when you:
1.       identify & clarify each of your 3 DNA components
2.       name your  DNA system
3.       communicate the benefits of your DNA.

Here’s an example of what I mean!  My personal superpower (DNA) is helping you identify your DNA!  I call it ‘marketing magic’. I’m able to easily & quickly simplify and systematize information about you & your marketing!   Benefit — so you aren’t wasting months or years with marketing that doesn’t produce results!

Example: Recently after talking with a woman about her business, she expressed that she wanted to become THE expert in her field however, she mentioned 3 different topics! After asking her a few pointed questions then listening, I was quickly able to help her focus on ONE target market; identify their problem; and see the potential for a signature program in her business!  Something she had been struggling with for some time.  Forensic Marketing Magic!

What’s your Entrepreneurial DNA?  Everyone has a superpower or an effortless talent; everyone gets true demonstrated results; and everyone has some type of acquired mastery!

3.       C.R.A. – consistently the right activities for your stage of business growth!  Several years ago, I realized that new entrepreneurs were so overwhelmed that they didn’t know what to do next.  In fact, they often came to me and said … Diana, where do I start?

That’s when the GROW-METER was born!  The Grow-meter is simply a pictorial of the 4 stages of business growth — like a thermometer.  At each stage of business growth, I outlined recommended strategies, skillsets and assets so that service-based entrepreneurs could focus their energy to build a strong foundation for a predictably profitable business!  If you’d like to learn about this, please ask for the Business Growth Checklist!

But here’s the BIG challenge for entrepreneurs, myself included!  When I decided to stop the ‘hustle’, I thought the answer was to jump into DOING something different; ie. new or different strategies.  So I jumped into doing the strategies appropriate for my stage of business growth.  I learned to create my signature program; I learned how to sell; I had a lead magnet, etc.

Then, I realized that I skipped a step!  I didn’t take time to learn about my own ENTREPRENEURIAL DNA!!  I hadn’t taken time to learn about my own strengths and to focus on them! The fact is that business becomes so much easier when we focus on what we do easily – rather than trying to do business the way someone or everyone else does business!

Would you like some help identifying your Entrepreneurial DNA?  Then let’s talk about how we could work together!  I invite you to book your Business Breakthrough Session here and make your business easier!

I can’t wait to support you!


PS.  I’ll be speaking about ‘Entrepreneurial DNA’ at the upcoming November 3, Business Sisters Conference, and you’ll get to ask questions!

PPS.  Do you sit on your butt, behind your computer too much?  Join me and a few other entrepreneurs for my 100 day challenge to walk every day outside!!!.  By the way — I’m only on Day 10!!!    https://www.facebook.com/groups/553131515147450

PPSSSSSS — SAVE THE DATE — APRIL 3 — SHIFT, the marketing event!  There will be an optional 2nd day component for those who truly want to shift their business!!  April 4 will be Forensic Marketing Lab — a mastermind of 15 entrepreneurs who are committed to having marketing that converts!

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