In late March, many businesses were figuring out that they had to pivot to serve customers online. Suddenly many of them found themselves without 2 important online assets!

They didn’t have:

  1. an email list to connect with clients & keep them updated
  2. a lead magnet (freebie, or opt-in) to help grow that email list!

As with most of my blog topics, today’s title was spurred by a conversation I had with a young entrepreneur this past week.  She asked how to create a LEAD MAGNET.  So, I created this checklist for you!  Feel free to download your List-Building Lead Magnet: 8 Page Blueprint here!

But besides the blueprint, what else is important to remember about a lead magnet?

In order for your lead-magnet to help build your email list, it should:

1. Solve one small problem for your prospects that gives them the confidence that you’re an authority.

2. Provide such immense value that they say, “WOW if that’s her free stuff, imagine what her paid programs are like!”.

3. Be short enough to be consumed within 10-20 minutes.

4. Allow the prospect to implement quickly (i.e. not a 21-day challenge, as that seems way too long)

5. Have its own sales page i.e. so that you can send prospects to it quickly.

6. Have a thank you video and thank you page.

7. Have a follow up email or emails that have the lead magnet attached again.

8. Be congruent with your CORE OFFER i.e. help your prospects along the journey to your Core Offer. For instance, it would be incongruent for me to have a lead-magnet that solved a weight loss problem.  However, since a lead magnet is part of a rinse & repeat marketing system, then it would be totally in alignment for me to use this on my website, etc.

9. And lastly, it should be consistently adding new prospects to your email list!

I hope these suggestions will help you create your own List-Building Lead Magnet!



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