Over the years, business owners have asked me to identify the BIGGEST and most-costly marketing mistake – this is a big one….

FAILURE TO STAY IN TOUCH with their network; their clients, past clients, customers, referral sources and other supporters is one of the most costly marketing mistakes.

No matter what your business – lawyer, CPA, real estate agent, brick & mortar stores, coaches, financial advisor, yoga teacher, etc. – it doesn’t matter what the industry – hardly anyone is staying in touch regularly with their network.

If you aren’t staying in touch with your network,

  • you’re missing out on easy opportunities to make more money
  • you are losing out on repeat business and
  • you’re losing out on referrals.

However, if you create a system and a strategy for staying in touch, it will help you generate consistent cash flow!!

In 2021, technology has made it easier and simpler for you to stay in touch with your network.  You can incorporate these into a system:

  • Social media – an active presence on Facebook and perhaps one other platform is essential.
  • Email newsletter – a monthly newsletter is minimum, weekly is better.
  • Old school print newsletter – send quarterly if you can!
  • Mailed greeting cards – like the above, these have staying power.

ACTION TIP:  Politics aside, we can learn a lesson from Trump being blocked from social media.  Although social media is a great way to be VISIBLE online, we don’t own those contacts or the platform.  So be sure that you OWN your own list by creating an effective website & an effective lead magnet (freebie) so you can avoid this costly marketing mistake!

Does your business have a clear system and strategy in place to generate consistent clients and cash flow each and every month?

✅  If yes – are you seeing predictable profits?
❌  If no – how confident are you right now that your business can achieve your 2021 goals without real plan?

💯  Let’s create a REAL plan for you that incorporates a clear system & strategy! You’re invited to join me on Jan 15th for CEO PLANNING DAY (Tropical Theme)!!!


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