There’s this unwritten rule in business…

Whatever revenue-generating activities (RGA) you did 90 days ago… impacts your cash flow today! 

In other words – whatever cash came into your business this week is likely determined by what you did 90 days ago!

So, if you have sales happening this month, it’s probably that you did something to generate those sales 90-days ago.  Perhaps you spoke at an event; perhaps you went to a networking event; perhaps you wrote a blog that really resonated with your audience; or perhaps you held a masterclass!

During my recent Marketing Workshop Week, we talked about your Marketing Proficiency Effect (MPE) on your cash flow. There are 3 undesirable levels of the MPE – Nil, Rollercoaster & Flatlined. During the workshop, most of you told me that your MPE was either NIL or Rollercoaster.

You also told me that you wanted to change those RESULTS!

You told me that you’d much rather have what I call Predictably Profitable marketing – where you would have a rinse & repeat marketing system.

You told me you wanted more consistent sales.

You told me you would rather be known as The Highly Paid Authority in your field or industry, rather than an invisible expert.

You told me you wanted more sales calls booked in your calendar; more referrals; more requests to speak and so on.

And that’s why I invited you to join me in Marketing Roadmap Intensive where I’ll help you get clear on:

✓  The right revenue-generating activities you need to be DOING each day, week and month that are aligned with your stage of business growth and with your Entrepreneurial D.N.A.

✓  The exact words you need to use in your marketing so that your prospects are inspired to book sales calls with you.

✓  The one and only one Compelling Core Offer (product/program/service) you will need to design, name, price, market and sell to have consistent cash flow.

✓  The right content you’ll create for social media, etc. so that you’ll grow and nurture your audience so that you have someone to sell to consistently.

✓  And a group of other business owners to celebrate with you along the way.

Ready to have more cash flow?

Ready to feel more confident that the actions you take beginning in February will actually generate cash in the next 90 days?

Then let’s get you registered.

Join Marketing Roadmap Intensive today.

You can begin February 4th to make drastic improvements to your business and become The Highly Paid Authority in your industry or field.



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