As we come to the end of Q1, I was reflecting on whether I was truly fulfilling my 2022 vision of ‘aspiring to inspire’.

Then yesterday I received an email reminding me of a podcast where I was a guest.  The whole purpose of the podcast is to share how we had overcome challenges along our entrepreneurial journey …. as a mom!

It reminded me that we don’t always inspire others by our successes but more by the challenges we have overcome.

  • Have you faced challenges that have led to success down the road?
  • Are those challenges relevant to your business or could they be seen as relevant?
  • Have you shared those challenges?
  • Have you shared those challenges from the point of view of being the victor rather than the victim??

Infants learn to walk by trying and falling down, then trying over and over again.  But they eventually learn to walk!

Could you inspire others by sharing how you’ve overcome some challenges?  Your audience needs to know that you’re not perfect; that you’re real and that you’ve faced real challenges!

Feel free to listen to my guest spot on The Mompreneur Society here: Ep. 041: Diana Lidstone’s Journey to Overcoming Her Mompreneur Challenges

Don’t be afraid to share your challenges – they can be inspiring!


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