Early in my retail career, I was a member of my local business association.  As inspiration, we often invited successful business owners to speak at our meetings.

This is one I have never forgotten.

Linda G. shared her story of how she and her family moved from downtown Montreal to an old farmhouse in the county to set up their new business.  Her husband was a renowned Chef and worked crazy hours (not great for a young family).  So they made the decision for him to give up his well-paying job and move 2 hours away to start a new business in rural Quebec.

She told the story of how one day a couple of businessmen knocked on their farmhouse door hoping that they would be open for lunch.

Linda said – sorry, but the chef isn’t here now but perhaps in an hour or so.

The businessmen were curious and asked – Where is the Chef?

She answered – He’s out feeding the deer.  It’s been a tough winter for them!

And thus a business idea was born!

Today Auberge des Gallant has a world-class reputation for not just a unique eating experience, and exceptional food & service but a convention/wedding venue as well as a maple syrup hall.

Here are the words I remember from Linda’s presentation…..

You can get a great steak anywhere.

But the ONLY place you can have a great steak and sit and watch the deer, is at Auberge des Gallant.

Quite by accident, Linda and her family discovered their UNIQUE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – that thing that makes them stand out in the marketplace – become that sought-after authority.

We all need that ONE THING.

But I don’t want you to discover it by accident!!!

You can have it now!

You can start building your world-class reputation this week!!

That’s what I’ll help you discover in my new program starting tomorrow October 12.

In Differentiate to GROW, I’ll help you transform your business from being the frazzled, Unknown Expert to the confident, sought-after, Undeniable Authority.

Together, we will:

  • Clarify the vision, mission and values of your brand
  • Simplify your business with the Magic Rule of 1
  • Design your Flagship Framework – your unique intellectual property
  • Craft consistent content with ease

It’s not too late to create your Unique Competitive Advantage, just like Auberge des Gallant!



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