When I was in high school, I was tall, skinny, and awkward!  I tripped over my own size 10 feet; long pants looked like peddle-pushers, and I had no boobs!


All I wanted to do was fit in – to be like so many of the others!

I was constantly comparing myself to others and listening to my ‘itty bitty shitty committee’!

I had no self-confidence because, in my mind, I wasn’t ‘good enough’!

(I’m betting some of you can remember back to your high school days and feel something similar.)

You see I let the ‘comparison monster’ rule my life!

But I didn’t know any better.

It took many years to kick my monster to the curb but it still comes back to bite me in the ass on occasion.

I see it frequently when I’m on social media and seeing other business owners far younger than me look as though they are winning bigger at their business!

The comparison monster is alive and well in business too! It can often lead to negative thinking and destructive behaviours thus keeping us from growing further!

But what if…

What if instead of going down the negative rabbit hole, we looked at those successful businesses and got inspired…..inspired to take our businesses to the next level?

Inspired to 10x ____________?

Inspired to dive deeper to find out how they did it?

When I suggest this idea to those who are curious about my signature program – Differentiate to Grow, I will often hear resistance:

  • That won’t work for my business
  • They’re in a different industry so they can do things I can’t do
  • I don’t have __________ to scale like that

It’s totally understandable that they feel this way but IT’S NOT TRUE!

Every single very successful entrepreneur knows that it takes a village for a business to succeed!

And smart people recognize the incredible value of getting expert help.

So what might help look like?

What is it like to experience accelerated growth and transformation in your business when you only thought it was IMpossible?

  • Having the support of a seasoned mentor who is willing to lovingly guide and support you with a gentle kick in the ass on occasion
  • Following a proven, customized plan of action that has clear steps
  • Belonging to a warm community of supportive peers
  • Being given the exact tools you need to help you serve more people

The good news is that these elements all work no matter what industry you are in and they are available to you right now in Differentiate to Grow.

And while it’s true we have just started this 90-day transformative program, it’s NOT too late to join and reap the rewards.

You see today’s crowded, global marketplace isn’t high school! Unlike high school where we just wanted to fit in – in today’s marketplace, it’s imperative to stand out and grab your prospect’s attention so that you become THE undeniable authority, the sought-after expert!

It’s never too late to learn how to stand out from the others so you can be THE one who gets chosen and gets hired!

Book time for us to talk now – sooner is better than later!  (Book here).


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