After hearing me speak at a live event, Jennifer emailed me saying she wanted to grow her business significantly. She wanted more profit – lots more!!! She was done working weekends and evenings on her business instead of spending time with her family. She just didn’t know how she was going to do it!

In our discussions, it was quite clear that Jennifer had BIG dreams for her business and all she needed was a little help shifting from being the ‘manager’ of her business into the ‘leader’ of her business.

So, you ask – what’s the difference, Diana?  What do you mean?

If you were the one who started your company or you’ve owned it for many years, it’s easy to keep doing the same old things – keeping your head down, doing the work in your business and managing the day-to-day tasks.

That’s a manager!

Even though she was the owner of her business (and relatively successful), Jennifer was still …

  • making her own travel arrangements,
  • managing all her email inbox,
  • doing the hiring; firing and all the HR stuff,
  • organizing company events,
  • completing paperwork,
  • and so much more!

As we often say, she was in the weeds of her business.

In many cases, she was the bottleneck.

Instead, I taught her to be THE leader of her business. The visionary! The one that people follow!

In order to become the Visionary Leader of her business, she had to:

  • Get clear on her role as the leader.
  • Clarify the 3-5 year vision for her company.
  • Use that vision to inspire and motivate her team.
  • Identify and focus on her true strength/zone of genius.
  • Focus on the long-term rather than the short term.

When Jennifer stepped into her role as THE leader of her business, then…

  • Her business profits exploded.
  • Her business attracted team members who were excited to share in the vision so it was easier to build a rockstar team.
  • She was less distracted by daily tasks because her vision gave her direction for decision making.

If you haven’t made creating a written, detailed 3-5 year vision for your business … That’s okay – you’re not alone!!!

Almost daily, I have discussions with business owners who don’t make time to craft their business vision.

That’s why, I’m inviting you to attend VISIONARY GPS: Becoming THE leader your business needs, even if you don’t have employees or team members on January 5th and 6th.


During Day 1, you’ll learn how to:

  • Add more joy to your business and life while understanding how you want to feel, be and do in the years ahead.
  • Identify the lifestyle values that you will include in your vision.
  • Stop being the bottleneck in your business so you can scale.
  • Flush out the essential components of your Big Picture Vision.
  • Engage in forward-focused reflection so you can truly focus on what works.
  • Outline your 2023 goals based on YOUR uniqueness and strengths (not someone else’s).


During Day 2, you’ll share your Vision and get feedback from the group and laser coaching about stepping into your new role as THE leader of your business.

A VISION is an essential ingredient for successful leadership. Good leaders not only create a vision but clearly articulate it, own it and drive it to completion. I’m sure you’d rather be more like JF Kennedy who challenged the country to put a man on the moon versus G.H. Bush who built a reputation for failing to chart a compelling course for his country!


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