When I googled “How to make your marketing easier?”, Google gave me 5 billion (yes, billion) answers.

No wonder we get confused and frustrated!!

Most of those answers talked about social media, marketing plans, digital marketing, content marketing, but I didn’t see ONE of them mention the simple strategy I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks now – niching down.

As kids might say – duh???

In this week’s Podcast Episode #64, I outline 8 benefits of niching down (listen here) but let’s dive deep into how niching down can make your marketing easier!

Here are 5 ways how niching down makes your marketing easier:

1.  When you niche down, you aren’t all over all the platforms on social media (time saved) because you focus on the one or 2 platforms where your niche hangs out.

2.  When you niche down, it becomes easier to find you online especially when you tweak your website to speak directly to your niche. SEO becomes more effective – so your marketing becomes more effective and easier.

3.  When you niche down, it’s easier to find your dream client especially if they gather in groups, associations, conferences, podcasts, etc. For instance, if you’re a lawyer and your niche is real estate investors – there are conferences, bootcamps, podcasts and associations specifically for them!

4.  When you niche down, it’s easier to get referrals because you are specific as to who you are looking for. I’ve often told the story about how several months ago I attended an online virtual networking Guest Day. There were 8 mortgage brokers who all said the same thing – none of them were niched. If only one had said something like, I specialize in mortgages for entrepreneurs, I would have been able to refer them!

5.  When you niche down, and when you focus on simplifying your offers, services or programs, you will make your marketing easier. One problem for a lot of consultants or small firms is that they offer too many services or programs (generalists). To be effective, each one of your offers requires a different type of marketing, sales and follow up. By reducing the number of your offers/programs, you will simplify your marketing!

BONUS…When you niche down, it becomes easier to create an intangible asset (like your own intellectual property). My Grow Equation is my intellectual property and by niching down and creating your own IP, you make your marketing easier, make more money and differentiate your brand!  ALL GOOD THINGS.

Only one week left to get help implementing this important strategy for your business – register & find more information here Niche Down, Profit Up

But only if you want to:

  • Make more money.
  • Make your marketing easier.
  • Differentiate your brand!


Part 1 in Niching Down Series

Part 3 in this series – I’ll debunk some niching myths so it won’t be so scary!

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