If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a while, you know that I’ve taken a strong stand … you don’t need social media to grow your business. It’s true – you don’t need to USE social media as a lead generation tool – a tool to attract clients.

In a nutshell, what I’m saying is that you don’t need to be on every channel, multiple times a day …. especially if you have another proven method of generating clients!

You might be asking – What other methods are there of generating qualified leads and clients if I’m not on social media?

That’s the 64,000-dollar question.  And here’s the short answer…

I’ve curated a list of 100+ ways to Get Known & Market Your Business without social media (my gift to you).

Then the question becomes… Which one of these ‘ways’ is best for you? (That’s what I help my clients figure out because it all depends on 3 things – their goals, their uniqueness and who their ideal clients are. I call this their Marketing Sweet Spot).

Then the 2nd question for today is: So you if you don’t need to be on social media to attract clients, why should you be on LinkedIn?

Again here’s my short answer – you should have a current and consistent presence at least on the social media platform where your ideal client is hanging out.

One of my clients attracts her ideal clients by speaking and networking at specific events. For months, I’ve been telling her that she doesn’t need to worry about social media because she has so many other things to do in her business and she has a consistent influx of new leads and clients.

However, she is being asked to speak at larger events more and more.  It’s time for her to update her presence on LinkedIn so that her brand is consistent between her updated website and social media. She needs to be seen as the Undeniable Authority and the go-to expert in her field.  So, her LinkedIn profile does need to be updated!

This doesn’t mean that she needs to be posting on LinkedIn 3 times a day; but it does mean that her banner, headline and about section should be current and brand consistent.

This week’s guest on Work Less PROFIT More business podcast is Iris Culp, a LinkedIn specialist.  In Episode 84 (here), we have a great time talking about:

  • As a ‘brand’, it’s important that you control your brand narrative and LinkedIn is part of that strategy.
  • 53% of people who know they need to make a business decision, use LinkedIn as their first research source.
  • Why cookie cutter marketing doesn’t work and what to do instead.
  • We laugh over the term ‘defensive googling’.
  • And Iris shares 3 simple tips to improve your LinkedIn profile.

What’s your Marketing Sweet Spot?

Does your LinkedIn profile need an update?


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