When we see successful people like Oprah, we often think how lucky they are to have wealth and a lifestyle. But deep down, we know she wasn’t lucky – she worked hard for her success.

She didn’t just work hard – she worked hard on what she was really good at – interviews! She focused her time and energy on her zone of genius.

And there’s the word – FOCUS.

Focus gives business owners freedom!

Freedom in terms of money and time.

But it’s both time and money that allude many entrepreneurs. They find themselves working long hard hours for too little.

This week, you can start having focus & freedom!

I’ll be dropping 5 new episodes, one a day, in a new PODCAST workshop series entitled Ultimate Focus & Freedom: How to reclaim 10+ hours a week in your agenda without hiring a new team member.

You can find my Work Less PROFIT More podcast here or on your favourite listening platform!

And don’t forget to grab your workbook here.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Ep. 86  Get Focused: Build your business with purpose
  • Ep. 87  Determine your most impactful tasks
  • Ep. 88  Systems BEFORE team
  • Ep. 89  5 Simple Strategies to skyrocket your productivity
  • Ep. 90  7 Step Roadmap to dramatically reducing your workload

PLUS  just so you can have access to ask me questions, I’ve set up 2 LinkedIn events:

Tuesday, June 20th at noon – watch the replay here where I shared another time-related exercise.
Thursday, June 22nd at noon – join me here plus I’ll be reviewing the title of a great book.

By the end of the week, you’ll know exactly how to reduce your workload, prioritize your most important tasks AND have a roadmap for your journey forward.


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