It’s been a crazy week since we last chatted.

You see an amazing opportunity to speak on a live stage, in front of 350+ business owners happened just 10 days before the event started. I was also offered a booth at the event.

Was I nervous? Uncomfortable? Scared?


You see…

  • While I have spoken on stage in front of 100 or so; the audience size of 350+ seemed daunting.
  • While I love speaking live on stage, it has been almost 4 years (would I make a fool of myself?).
  • While I had a topic in mind, I didn’t have the stories to drive home the teaching points.
  • While I had marketing material from pre-Covid, I wondered if it still spoke to my new dream client?

So I did what any business owner does when they want to grow and scale their business.

I took a deep breath and spent 10 days feeling very uncomfortable.

  • I got busy outlining my talk…it came easily once I realized I had already done a podcast episode on this exact same subject (Episode 73 here).
  • I practiced my talk out loud every single day, at least twice a day.
  • I got feedback on my talk from my peers.
  • I made a detailed list of what I would need for marketing materials including what could I use from the past; what new materials were possible to create in 10 days.

And what happened…

  • I rocked my talk (despite the fact that my time allotment was cut short by 25% unexpectantly).
  • I realized what improvements I needed in my marketing materials for the next time (because, yes there will be a next time).
  • I now have some great and memorable stories that truly resonated with my audience.
  • And, while follow-up will determine the final results, I have added a ton of new friends, contacts and prospects to my email list. I’ve added new clients to a group program.

Taking new opportunities to grow and scale ALWAYS leads to new possibilities!

Here’s the big takeaway…

  • What if I hadn’t done this speaking opportunity?
  • What if I had just stayed home and hidden behind my computer in my home office?
  • What if I had been too scared to jump?

Then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would have changed for me or my business.

So my friends, just remember, it’s okay to be uncomfortable and to be scared!


P.S. This week 2 entrepreneurs got a little uncomfortable during their Profit Potential Audit on my Work Less PROFIT More business podcast. They jumped at the opportunity and now have new possibilities! You can too.

Apply to be on my podcast and change your business here.

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