You’re lying in bed. The alarm hasn’t gone off yet but in your mind, you’re already thinking about the problems you have to solve, the fires you have to put out and how are you going to make more sales.

You go through the usual chaos before heading to your workspace only to hear that one employee/team member has to take time off to look after their sick parent; another has come down with COVID; and yet another comes storming into your office complaining about someone else.

The phone rings for you and you shake your head and wonder.

Is this all worth it or should I just go and get a job?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You might be wondering how I know so much about a chaotic life.

Two reasons. It used to be me!

And secondly, I’ve heard it from my clients. Their whole life seems chaotic and they’re wishing for some peace, quiet and calm.

Business owners like this often spend 90% of their waking hours worrying about making the right business decisions – whether it’s about marketing, sales, administration, operations, HR or finances.  The average human makes an average of 35,000 decisions a day…I’m guessing that professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and so many other business owners suffer from ‘decision fatigue’ on a regular basis.

But what if life (and business) could be different?

Compare the above chaos to the life of a truly successful business leader (CEO). A successful business owner/leader focuses only on 5 key activities of the business rather than the thousands of little details.

In this week’s Episode #111 of Work Less PROFIT More business podcast (here), you’ll learn how to grow and run your business like a CEO and focus on those 5 key activities!


P.S. What is Diana reading this week….. 10x is easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan!

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