As small business owners, there are a lot of demands on our time, money and energy. Whether it’s the team asking questions; clients requiring our attention; or even our family’s needs, it often seems like a never-ending cycle of demands so it’s often difficult to know where to focus.

Too many small business owners are very reactive with a To-Do list that grows daily (rather than a proactive, strategic approach to our business).

But here’s what I’ve learned over the years. Most of your To-Do’s don’t grow your business! In an earlier Work Less PROFIT More podcast series, Think Like a CEO, I shared how to plan your week effectively (here).  In that podcast, I outlined the difference between maintenance activities (or $10/hr or $100/hr activities) and growth activities (or those $1000/hr or $10,000/hr).

Your job, as CEO of your business, is to focus on growth activities. The biggest growth activity is MARKETING. If you want your business to grow, focus your resources on the who, what and where of your marketing. (Notice I said, YOUR marketing – not what the gurus are doing but what works best for you and your ideal client!).

That’s why I created the podcast series – Why more marketing isn’t bringing you all the clients you want (and what to do about it).  Last week, I shared (here):

  • Exactly what I mean by the term marketing – because marketing isn’t just social media.
  • How to measure your smart marketing.
  • That smart and strategic marketing that converts begins with understanding the customer journey.

And in this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More (here) – I dive deep into the 3 biggest marketing mistakes small business owners make and how to fix them so you can build a rinse-and-repeat marketing strategy that continues to grow your business! With this approach, you’ll be more proactive and strategic with your growth.

If you’re in business – you are in the business of marketing your business!

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