A couple of years ago, a client shared with me that it was difficult for her to get referrals.  She claimed that no one seemed enthusiastic to help when she reached out and asked for referrals.  She asked me – what am I doing wrong?  Asking for referrals doesn’t seem to work.

So, I asked her ‘how’ she was asking for the referrals. As it happens, the way she was asking was actually confusing clients and making it harder for them to help her.

Getting referrals is one of the easiest ways to get new business!!!  Referrals are 4 times more likely to become clients than someone who isn’t referred!  And, best of all, it takes less time, money & energy to convert a referral than a cold prospect – thereby saving you marketing time & money so indirectly getting more referrals can help you increase your profits!!!

(BTW- if you were at #SHIFTprofit, increasing referrals was one of the 7 profit maximizers that I spoke about!)

If you’d like more referrals, be sure that you’re asking the right way.  Check out these 5 tips for easily getting more referrals.

TIP #1        Have a juicy/compelling offer

When you have a Magnetic Opt-in (freebie or lead magnet)  or a branded Discovery Call to offer, it makes asking for referrals so much easier.

Instead of asking someone… “do you know anyone you might refer to me?”… you could ask

“Do you know anyone who might benefit from my Magnetic Opt-in?

Is there someone who might benefit from my branded Discovery Session (insert name: i.e. Growth Strategy Session)?  They’ll discover the 5 things that might be holding them back in (your area of expertise, i.e. business growth) and the #1 thing that they need to do to move forward.”

Both of these strategies have worked well for me in the past so I continue to use them!

TIP #2         Make a specific ask

Very often we are shy and ask people for referrals in a vague way… “if you happen to run into someone you think might like this, remember me…”

An ask like this doesn’t show confidence & certainty … so the person you ask often puts it at the back of their mind thinking you’re not really that interested.

There are several things you need to make a specific ask:

  1. You need to have a short, powerful, easily understood description of your dream client. No one will refer all their friends to you, so saying ‘everyone’ isn’t helpful or accurate.  It’s easier if you can give your referral partner a clear picture of whom you are looking for.
  2. Don’t ask for everything – ask for ONE thing. Make an ask like ‘can you think of one person who fits this description, who might benefit from my (amazing lead magnet)?  Would you introduce us via email?

TIP #3        Ask how you can help them

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a referral team of people out there sending you names?  To do that, you’ll want to be helpful to them as well.  Don’t forget to ask how you can help them and follow through.  It’s actually called the Law of Reciprocity – people love to help, especially if you can help them!

TIP #4        Stay Top of Mind

Find ways to be helpful to your referral partners at times other than when you reach out for referrals.  Can you send them helpful articles, resources, or even little gifts.  You cultivate referral partners much like you would cultivate friends!

TIP #5        Ask, Ask, Ask

The biggest reason people don’t get referrals is that they don’t ask!  They often feel pushy or like they’re intruding.

When your services get great results, then other people will want to refer you.  You’re giving them an opportunity to be a hero to the person that they’re referring to you.

If you’re afraid of being pushy, imagine your referral partner getting a call from a friend saying how much she LOVED working with you, and being grateful for the referral.

It’s true that you’ll want other methods for attracting clients in addition to referrals, referrals can be some of your best clients, quickest revenue, and some of your most rewarding experiences.

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