This is going to be short…
Although I recently started my 2021 planning, I realized I wasn’t focused!  I realized that in order to be my best so I could serve you the best way possible …. that I need some self-care time!

So that’s why I’m going to hibernate with my family between December 21st – 25th.  
NO WORK!!!  WOW, I’ve never said that before!!!
Then I’m going to spend the week of New Year’s really diving deep into what I want my business to look and feel like so that I can serve you even better in the New Year.
Since you won’t be hearing from me as often, I thought I’d share what’s coming for January …..
READY???   January’s theme is kickstarting 2021 by creating your Strategic Marketing Playbook!


From Employee to CEO: finding more freedom & focus in your business 
January 4th (9am – 12pm EST)
This masterclass is for you if you want 2021, to be the year you:
    ✓  Stop spinning your wheels and see massive momentum
    ✓  Confidently cross things off your To-Do list and skyrocket your productivity
    ✓  Stop feeling like a slave to your business and have time for things that matter.
You’ll get an email from me shortly when the registration page has been finalized!

CEO PLANNING DAY (more info here)

January 15th (10am – 4pm EST)




MARKETING WORKSHOP WEEK (Free) more info here

Begins January 18th for 5 days at 1pm EST



more info here

Begins February 4th (11am EST)

February’s theme will be WEBSITES. Turning your website into a silent salesman instead of your most expensive & useless piece of marketing
That’s as far as I’ve gotten with my own planning for 2021.  Don’t worry if yours isn’t complete YET!!!

I think we all need a rest!  We can start again in January!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.



P.S. Fast-track your business in 2021 Summit is happening this week!! You can still get the recordings as a VIP – register here.


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