Perhaps this is you or perhaps you’ve heard from your business friends that their business has more than once … plateaued … stalled.

  • Sales have flatlined
  • Prospects aren’t a good fit
  • The owner feels as though they are spinning their wheels
  • Need more customers

And all of this despite

  • Posting frequently to social media
  • Emailing to their audience consistently
  • Showing up to sales calls confidently
  • Getting great results for their clients.

Believe me, when I say, it’s all normal!

It’s the normal cycle of growth!  We all need more customers at some point!

The growth of a business isn’t straight-lined in an upward trajectory.

Instead, it’s more like going on a road trip without a GPS. There are detours, potholes, roundabouts and even dead ends.

So if our business plateaus or loses momentum…

If we need more customers…

  • How do we get it back on track?
  • How do we diagnose the problem?

Here are three key areas for you, as the business owner – the CEO, to self-evaluate.

As the leader of your business (CEO), it’s your inherent job to keep tabs on your business growth and then make adjustments as required.

The thing is that your business needs adjusting ALL THE TIME!!  It’s never one and done!

The 3 key ecosystems or infrastructures for you to examine and adjust are:

  1. marketing (message, method, and marketing)
  2. monetization (your offer, profit pricing, key metrics)
  3. support (team, systems, automation)

After having worked with over 100 different types of businesses (coaching, brick & mortar, product-based, service-based, etc) AND businesses from $50K annually to $10 million annually – if a business is stalled, it always comes down to one of those three areas that require some tweaking or some up levelling.

This week, I was at two different networking events where several individuals exclaimed they needed more customers (more sales, more clients, whatever you want to call it).

When they introduced themselves, it was easy to diagnose their problem – it started with their messaging (how and what they were communicating to the outside world).

(I’m going to be straightforward here.)

It wasn’t that they needed more letters after their name or more certifications to ‘better serve their clients”.

It wasn’t that they needed more visibility on social media.

It wasn’t that they needed accountability to stay focused.

They needed to uplevel their messaging to attract the type of customers they wanted to serve.

Messaging is the foundation of getting/attracting/magnetizing clients.

The root of the problem is that we can’t create our own messaging!   I can’t do it for my own business; you can’t do it for yours either.  We need help doing it.

WHY?  Why would someone like myself, who is known for marketing, need help with my own messaging?

Because we are the expert in our own business.  It’s super difficult to see our businesses as our customers see it.  We need an outside perspective!

Just this week, I was talking with another business coach.  She shared with me a perspective about my business that I had NEVER thought about.  I was too much in my business, in my own expert head!

Sorry about that – I digressed!  The point I wanted to share with you today is that no matter what level of business growth you are at… You are most likely going to stall… And when you do… These are 3 key areas that you’ll want to adjust so that you can reach your next level of success!

Your business is like a 3-legged stool – it needs all three of these working together so that it’s solid.

When you’re missing clear and concise marketing; you end up chasing clients and you feel like the best-kept secret despite the fact that you get great results for your clients.

When you’re missing a profit-priced, unique offer; your prospects don’t purchase and you end up in survival mode because there’s limited profit.

When you’re missing a rock-star support team that knows roles and supports you as CEO; you feel overwhelmed and that your business owns you!

Any of these scenarios can happen at any stage of your business growth.  It’s normal.

What’s not normal is to stay stuck or stalled.

What’s not normal is to keep doing business the same way, week after week, month after month, year after year!

As the leader of your business, be open to the possibility of doing business differently so that you get different results.

If you are open to the possibility of doing business differently and getting different results (like more joy, more profit and more free time)… Then I invite you to book a Business Breakthrough Session here.

In that call, I’ll be happy to walk you through my new GROW Equation Calculator which will help you

  • Identify your next best step to uplevel your business
  • Double down on what’s working well
  • Do less, better

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