Last week, after much deliberating, pondering, procrastination, editing and hen-scratching, I finally wrote the ‘About’ page for my new website.  (And as many of you know, your website About page really isn’t about you but it’s about your clients).

I finally wrote this ‘About’ page and then decided to see whether it would really resonate with my audience.  So, I turned it into a post on Facebook.  It was supposed to be a test – a test to gauge the feedback.

Well, feedback I did get….. but was it a success or failure?

If you didn’t get a chance to read the post or if you aren’t on Facebook, here’s the content.

Let’s look at the successes:

  • There were tons of positive comments – which ultimately meant the post was seen by more people….some of whom I don’t really know.
  • There were several individuals who reached out to inquire how to work with me (that’s the ultimate goal, right?).

Let’s look at the failures:

  • Amongst the feedback on Facebook, the post attracted ‘the unwanted’ comments from strange men (which I quickly deleted!).
  • Some of these potential prospects were not my ideal clients – although I could certainly help them.

So the lessons here are ……

1.   Marketing and messaging is NOT a one-and-done kind of thing. Getting your messaging bang on so that your ideal client is moved into action immediately is a GIANT TEST!!  You need to keep doing it until you get it right.  Just because you got part of it wrong, it wasn’t a complete failure…. It just needs tweaking.

2.   Messaging must change if you wish to attract a new type of dream client. There was a time in my business (in the early stages) when I worked with start-ups or as I call them Gloried Employees (explained here).  I don’t any longer.  I work with business owners who are transitioning from the Manager stage to the CEO stage.  These business owners have a completely different set of problems than those in stage one so my messaging must be clearer about who I work with.

3.   It’s really, really difficult to do your own marketing and messaging. This week, I’ll take the content of my About page and the Facebook post to my meeting with my own mentor to get her feedback.  WHY? Because she can objectively look at my business and the messaging, she will be able to help me dial it in.  You can’t do marketing and messaging by yourself (you need research, feedback & support).

So was my post on Facebook a success or failure?  I would say it was more of a success than a failure!

What about your messaging?

When you post on social media – do you magnetize clients or are you just posting for the sake of posting?

Does the use of social media overwhelm you?

Are you measuring the results of your efforts on social media?

Where else are you putting out your message?

Because messaging (the way you communicate how you serve) is so important, it’s the essence of everything you do – I have a couple of upcoming resources for you…..

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What else is going on?

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