At a weekly networking event in 2014, I met a young woman who made social media look… well so easy!  She offered to help several of us set up our Facebook page when none of us knew really how to use the platform.  And she did it for FREE!

You see to her …. Social media setup was easy; she could do it in her sleep, so why should she charge for it?  Eventually, and after much encouragement, she created “The Social Media Fairy Godmother” brand and business.  Today, many years later, she still uses her superpower as her role as Communications Officer for her local member of parliament.

We all have a superpower ….

  • Something that comes to us very easily.
  • Something we think comes easily to everyone.
  • Something we rarely think is worth charging for!
  • Something we can’t quite put our finger on to identify.
  • Something we rarely think about deeply.

And that’s sad!!!

Our superpower (zone of genius, brilliance, whatever you want to call it) is the thing we should be spending our lives doing.  It is what we were put here on this earth to do.

I wish I had identified and named mine much sooner in life.

Then I could have saved myself so much stress about situations that I really could handle easily.  One year, my coach suggested that during one of my live events, I bring individuals on stage to do live coaching.  I just about fainted when she suggested it!  It was overwhelming to think about!

It turned out, that it was something I could do so easily and the audience always loved it.  It was in my zone of genius!

I could have saved myself so much time preparing for VIP Strategy Days with corporate clients – thinking I needed to prepare endless workbooks and materials.  All I really needed to do was to be myself and allow my superpower to shine.

I could have impacted more businesses at a deeper level if only I had focused on using my superpower earlier in my business journey.

When I acknowledged my superpower, life and business became so much easier and so much more joyful.

When I leaned into my innate gift, clients got amazing transformation and value.

When I spend most of my day using my superpower, I’m filled with purpose and joy!

Finally, when I named my superpower and shared it with the world, it attracted the clients that I could serve the best.

So what about you?

Have you identified your superpower?

Have you named the thing that you’re brilliant at doing easily?

Have you leaned into it in your business?

Are you spending the majority of your time using that superpower?

That’s what I want for you – the sense of fulfillment and joy and the ease of doing business that brings you clients you love working with!

Would you like to start that process?  I know it seems so counterintuitive to step into the thing that is so easy for us…  That’s why it’s part of my CounterIntuitive Marketing System and I’d love to invite you to get a glimpse into it on May 12 during my upcoming workshop (here).


(By the way – My superpower is seeing both the simplicity and the potential in your business.  At this point, I’ve given it a name —  the ‘extraneous sh*t eliminator’…. A fluff buster.  I blow away all the extraneous stuff in your business, get to the root, and together we build a sustainable, profitable business you’ll love.  How does that sound?)

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