Sad but true…

You don’t have to believe me because HubSpot surveyed 1200 marketers recently and almost half (42%) only knew their target audience’s basics like demographics, name, and location. Less than half knew about their interests, purchasing history, buying decision tree, or where and how they consumed marketing content.

Why is this sad? Because it’s really, really difficult to attract your dream client if you don’t know who they are and what their life looks like!

Several years ago, a multi-million-dollar business came to me and asked for help to improve its marketing ROI. Obviously, these people were experts at what they did – otherwise, their business wouldn’t have reached those revenue levels!

But they had a big problem!

They couldn’t clearly and simply describe in any depth knowledge about their dream client.

So how could they possibly:

  • Hire a salesperson (who would he/she sell to?)
  • Create a content campaign (what would it say?)
  • Host a webinar (for whom?)
  • Improve their website (what would it say?)

This particular business was wasting huge amounts of time and money traveling to conferences across the United States and coming home without any leads. Not a very good ROI on their marketing efforts.

You don’t have to be a multi-million-dollar business to get clear on your target market – your niche:

  • Who they are so that they self-identify
  • What their big expensive problem is that you solve
  • How they consume marketing content
  • Become the undeniable authority in solving that problem

It seems that every single week, I meet business founders who are working way too hard because their marketing isn’t giving them the ROI (joy, profit, or free time) they desire.

It’s time to change that!!!

That’s why I’m inviting business owners to my new FREE boot camp:

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