I used to think that I was selling my coaching programs!

Things like the Achiever’s Club, Marketing Lab Workshop, Content Creation Bootcamp, Website Makeover Bootcamp, Marketing Roadmap Intensive, or my newly revamped VIP G.R.O.W. Days.

But I wasn’t selling those programs and perhaps you aren’t selling what you think you are selling!

When you don’t understand what you are truly selling, you’ll lose a lot of time and money (and I don’t want that for you!).

Let’s go down a rabbit hole for a moment.

It’s common today for some new parents to ask the sex of their unborn child.  Just knowing the sex can help them determine suitable names; perhaps even purchase clothes and certainly to help them decorate the baby’s room appropriately.

You see … knowing the answer to that one problem (the sex of the unborn child) can help new parents save a lot of time, money and energy.

Knowing the one problem you solve for your customer will also help you save tons of time, money and energy.

It’s really important to dig a little deeper into your business and understand what you are truly selling.  You aren’t selling reiki, or transformational coaching, or counselling, or programs for new mothers……

You are selling the transformation that those programs or events offer!

When you know (and focus on) the ONE transformation that your client WANTS (not needs), then business and marketing become easier and more profitable.

Ask yourself these profound questions:

  1. Do my clients really have this problem?
  2. Are my clients willing to pay well for solving this problem?
  3. Is this an urgent problem to solve (or a nice-to-have)?
  4. Can I deliver on the promise of solving this problem?
  5. What are 3 results my clients will get from solving this problem?

Last week, in the first of our Simplify Your Business series, I talked about how to create your own micro-niche so you can get known as the unmistakable authority in your field.

Let’s use an example:

Your niche might be counselling married women. That’s a big niche.

A micro-niche might be women married to gay guys! (that’s really specific)

But what one problem are you solving for them?

  • Is it a financial problem?
  • A relationship problem?
  • A social problem?
  • How do they tell their friends?
  • How do they tell their kids?
  • What do they do about their sex life?
  • And the list goes on?

Your marketing and your business would look very different if you solved problem A or B:

A:     Counselling women married to gay guys how to improve their sex life (giggle).


B:     Counselling women married to gay guys how to talk to their friends and kids about their relationship.

It’s important to pick ONE problem to solve for your micro-niche and get known for that in your marketing.  It makes your business and especially your marketing so much easier!

Let’s get serious ….do you want to G.R.O.W. your business?

G      Get known (as the unmistakable authority in your field)
R       Ramp up profits (pay yourself and your team really, really well)
O      Optimize resources (and outsource your sh*t)
W     Work less (weekends and weeks off)

Then let’s book your own private VIP G.R.O.W. Day so you can live your RICH life! Schedule your call to see if this is right for you – here


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