I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of extra hours in your day to grow your business.

There are lots of demands on you, not just from your business, but also from your home life, family, and friends.

Sometimes, the activities we are spending time on in our business are hidden time-wasters.  And time-wasters pull us away from those activities that actually help us grow our business.  These time-wasters also make our business more complicated than it needs to be – so let’s continue on our theme of simplifying your business!

So, here are a couple of ways you might be wasting time!

1.  Spending time on activities that aren’t actively attracting clients.

Truthfully, I have to watch myself on this every single day.  Here’s what I mean…. Spending time on details that don’t attract clients.

Sometimes, we get into perfectionism mode.  Perhaps it’s making an email or document pretty; or perhaps it’s tweaking and re-tweaking the wording on your website or in a sales presentation.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

(I’m not saying that tweaking & adjusting aren’t good things to a certain degree but it’s something that we have to be aware of.)

Perhaps a better use of your time is to hire a Virtual Assistant to make that email/document pretty using Canva or to hire out a sales copywriter for your sales content.  Focus your time on activities that truly attract clients – I call these RGA – revenue-generating activities (more on this here).

2.  Building multiple offers because the original one isn’t performing as we expect.

Entrepreneurs are a creative bunch in general.  Very often if one offer isn’t performing well (i.e. not selling well), we think that we should create a different offer.  YUP – been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Perhaps this will resonate with some of you.  Early in my coaching career, I sold workshops.  One workshop after another – a different one each time.  I was always creating and with marginal success.

It wasn’t until I learned about ‘signature systems’ that I created the Achiever’s Club that I could reap the benefits of one core offer.  More recently, during the pandemic, the Achiever’s Club became Marketing Roadmap Intensive.  Each one having basically the same step-by-step methodology but adapted to different demands of the marketplace.

I wasn’t wasting time re-creating workshops but built a brand around simplifying and demystifying marketing.

Are you wasting time creating, marketing and selling multiple offers?

Are you complicating your business & your brand with multiple offers?

Is your brand known for one solid offer that you could confidently sell over and over again?

More on this here.

3.  Customizing complete offers to fit a prospect’s desire.

A couple of years ago, I remember speaking with a client over the phone who was complaining that she just didn’t have enough time in her day.  Erin was a trainer; an expert helping companies overcome difficult conversations.  When I asked her to outline her daily activities, I found that she was radically customizing each of her training programs to fit her prospect.

For Erin, the idea of a core offer (signature or flagship program, product or service) was new.  So together, we created her one Core Offer which could easily be adapted for individual companies but it wasn’t a total re-write for each client.

Not only did having one Core Offer save Erin hours and hours of time in her business but it gave her confidence when it came to both attracting clients and selling more!

Having one Core Offer is one of the best ways to save time and to simplify your business.  It’s one of the elements of the Focus 5 (here).

I can almost hear some of you saying but I can help my clients with more than just one offer!  Yes, that’s true.  However, what is the one offer that could:

  • drive significant profits, perhaps even passive income?
  • package your brilliance?
  • develop a downsell and an upsell?

So, what is a Core Offer (signature or flagship system)?

For coaches & consultants, it’s that one core, step-by-step methodology that you use to get transformational results for your clients.  With some slight modifications, it can be used 1:1, in groups, for VIP days, and even for retreats!

For a product based business, it could be the ONE product that you build your reputation and brand around.  For instance, I remember an amazing client who owned a cleaning company and who was struggling to grow his business.  Upon reviewing his website, I noticed that he offered at least 15 different services – he wasn’t perceived as a specialist in any one area and certainly didn’t stand out from his competition despite the fact that he used a very unique cleaning product.  It soon became clear to him that he already had a unique product and a unique position in the marketplace – he just wasn’t using it to the best advantage.

Want to know more about creating your own one Core Offer?

  • Join me this coming Thursday morning for COFFEE with Diana (here).
  • Put it into your agenda for 10AM EST.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to join me live, ask questions or perhaps even get live coaching on your own Core Offer
  • Get a free template to start creating your one Core Offer
  • Brainstorm multiple uses of your Core Offer
  • Learn the simple steps to creating your Core Offer

Book a complimentary GROW Strategy session (here) and you’ll discover your next best step to take your business to the next level.

You can simplify and G.R.O.W. your business!


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