As a former equestrian, I love the Triple Crown of horse racing! It’s a series of 3 horse races where 3-year-olds must win the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes all in one season! Since 1875 only 13 horses have won all three races – thus making it elusive, coveted and celebrated.

After almost 40 years of business ownership and being in the entrepreneurial world, I know first-hand that in business, we also have a triple crown – something that is often elusive; certainly coveted; and seldom celebrated!

The business triple crown is profit, free time, and joy!

It’s rare that a business owner achieves their desired levels of all three at the same time!

But that’s what I do.

I help service-based business owners double (or triple, quadruple) their profit, free time and joy!

But in order to do that – there is ONE thing they must have in place….

There’s ONE thing that will make:

  • Decision making easier and more effective.
  • Keep bright shiny objects at bay.
  • Clarity appear out of the fog.
  • Marketing, sales and everything else so much simpler.

And it’s the ONE thing that business owners often omit from their planning.

It’s creating what I call a Big Picture Vision for their business!  It’s about what their company will look like in the future:

  • If revenue will double, triple or quadruple, what will the company do?
  • How many people will be on board?
  • Will you be providing the same services or different services?
  • Will you be in one location or more?

If painting a picture of your company is worth a thousand words, creating what I call a Big Picture Vision of your company is worth BIG money!

This is the first step in doubling the size of your company and achieving the elusive triple crown of business!

That’s why I’ve reserved January 5 & 6 2023 for this purpose.

During Day 1, it will be getting your vision and purpose out of your head and onto paper in a simple message so you and your team can focus.

Day 2 will be about how you can implement your 2023 Vision as well as some hot seat coaching.

REGISTER today… save your seat …

This ONE thing will save you hours of going down rabbit holes and keep you on track to turn your VISION into a REALITY!!


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