Talking about money can be difficult for many business owners! I don’t mean just saying the word money but having deep conversations around our own actual numbers can be uncomfortable.

I’ve spoken to accountants who ignored their own cash flow. I’ve seen financial advisors without solid retirement plans. I’ve helped coaches, consultants, lawyers, and hundreds of others come to terms with their own money issues. And to be truthful, I had to work on my own money issues.

During the years when I hosted live events for women entrepreneurs, at least half of my events were about money: money myths, money beliefs, money spending, and money generating.

As an entrepreneur for almost 40 years, here’s what I know to be true:

  • You can’t have a profitable business if you can’t talk about your money!
  • You can’t confidently raise your prices if you aren’t comfortable talking about money!
  • According to my research, 90% of business owners are undercharging for their services!

In this week’s episode of Work Less PROFIT More (here), I start by discussing two common misconceptions about money that are keeping business owners just like you from being profitable.

Then I dive into 3 strategies to increase your profits without adding more clients.

You see, I believe that profit doesn’t come from hustle! It’s not about hustling to get more clients that will make you profitable – despite what you see or hear on social media. You don’t need 20 new leads per day. You don’t need to purchase leads or customers. You don’t need to be on every social media platform multiple times a day.

Truth is… you probably already have enough customers – but are they the right customers – perfect fit customers who are willing to pay you premium prices for your services?

You can charge premium prices for your services.

You can have fewer clients and make the same or more profit.

You can work less and profit more!

But you have to become comfortable talking about money and raising your prices!



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